Commercial organizations generally set up their websites to reach more customers, and they try to sell their products and services through their website. This is known as the eCommerce business. You can find some of the largest retail chains like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart where millions of people sell their products worldwide.

This entails less hassle for the buyers, and they can also avail flexible shipment policies. If you want to earn more revenue from your business then you need to reform your physical business into an internet-based eCommerce solution. You need to hire the best eCommerce solution provider in this regard.

Here you can find the top 10 elements of a successful eCommerce website:

Customer identification:

You can find some sales representatives in retail outlets or in their cash counters who will ask your name and phone number. They need to add your name to their customer database because they will make you a returning customer by sending their promotional offers to your phone. Similarly, when you build an eCommerce website for your business, you need to add a sign-up page to your website.

Customers can enter their name and phone number along with their shipping address in this dashboard. Normally, customers do not hesitate to share their names and numbers, and they love to find their names on their dashboard. So you can use such data in the future and send your promotional offers to their mail id and phone number.

Popular products on the home page:

You need to showcase the bestselling products in the front showcase of your retail outlet because customers would first look for your popular products in your store. Similarly, you need to showcase or add your bestselling products to your home page so that customers can easily choose their desired products from your home page without wasting their time.


You can add similar products on your eCommerce website. But, you need to add and then categorize them according to the season, festivals, new arrivals, and sales discounts. Using product collections on the eCommerce website will help you to rank your business at the top of search engine results, and you must update your products by replacing the old ones on a regular basis. You can track through the search results of the customers and add the most searched products on your website.

Zoom options:

In most eCommerce websites, customers are often not able to zoom the product images and they cannot see the products clearly. In the case of a retail outlet, customers can touch and try your products. People tend to closely examine your products and they will see the products thoroughly. So you need to add a zooming option on your product’s image, and you must include high-quality images of your products. Images looks better with a white background. You can hire a professional photo editing service provider for the same. The resolution and clarity of the products will inevitably attract more views, clicks, and therefore, a sure option to buying as well.

Shipping details:

To grab more customers, you can offer free shipping on your eCommerce website. Normally, shipping options and details are given at the right corner of eCommerce websites and customers can also find such details during the check-out. But, to maintain transparency, you need to add the shipping details and varying costs based on the geographical locations on your website.

Contact details:

It is recommended to add a number and contact details on your eCommerce website because customers can reach you anytime for their needs. If they face anything wrong on your website then they can inform you instantly. In this way, you can build trust and long term relationships with your customers. You can also tell your eCommerce development company to add chat options on your home page and people can easily connect you with this chatbox.


Positive reviews of your products increase the sales of your business. So adding reviews and feedback of your customers on your eCommerce site can increase the trustworthiness and visibility of your website. Some business owners feel shy about adding the review options on their website because they think that customers can add negative reviews about their products. But, if you are not confident about the quality of your products then how would you sell the same?
Reviews are an important part of conversion optimization strategies for an eCommerce website

Price filters:

You need to design your eCommerce website with some product category and you must add price filter options on your home page. People can easily use this option to choose your products within their budget. You must include transparent price details along with the shipping cost and taxes on your website.


This is the most recommended option for business owners that allow your customers to save their favorite products for their future purchases. If they do not have enough money to buy the product now then they can save your products in their wishlist to purchase the same in the future. They do not need to search such products again and they can easily find them in their dashboard.


You must add sharing buttons on each of your each product page. People can share your products on their social media platforms and your products will get more visibility. You can add share options for social media platforms and SMS. Plus, you must design an eCommerce website with a mobile-friendly layout.

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