Umrah is the blessed journey to the House of Almighty that can be performed any time around the year except the time of Hajj. Though a non-obligatory Ibadah, performing Umrah is considered highly blissful and idyllic. Umrah spree is the most important journey in a Muslim’s life after Hajj so every Muslim wants to perform it in the most right manner. For the purpose, he should be aware of certain things so that he can perform the sacred excursion without any hassle. Here are the 10 important points that should be considered before making your Umrah spree.
1.Sort out your Excursion properly: whenever a pilgrim plans to perform Umrah, he consults an Umrah travel agency and book a package with it. After buying a package, the pilgrim is told about everything he should know regarding his trip and usually guides are given to the pilgrims. Though all the guides provided cover the main rituals, supplications to be made and stuff like that but they don’t have much on how to organize your tour. Do some research on your own and gather all of the information at one place. After compiling, divide the work into sections as per accordance to the rituals. For example, one section for Meeqat, one for Tawaf etc. this will make it a lot easier to sort out your whole journey.
2.Bring an Extra Ihram: the two pieced white cloth worn during the performance of Umrah is referred as ‘Ihram’. Although pilgrimage can be performed in one Ihram only, it gets easily dirty as it is white in color. Bring one extra Ihram along with you because if your Ihram gets dirty then you cannot pursue your Umrah as Umrah cannot be performed without wearing Ihram.
3.How to catch a prayer inside the mosque? Every pilgrim has the desire to observe his prayer inside the Grand mosque but many of them return home along with their unfulfilled desire because they didn’t find place inside it. To catch a prayer inside the mosque, start your journey towards it 45 minutes prior to the Azaan if you stay near the main entrance of the mosque. For Jumma prayer, try to be at your way 2 hours earlier.
4.Learn the Funeral Prayer (Namaz-e- Janaza): millions of people gather around, under the same roof to perform Umrah and there are many people who died during either performing Umrah rituals or Umrah. Learn to observe the funeral prayer as they are performed after almost every prayer. Do ask forgiveness for the one who passed away and also for yourself and your family.
5.Travel where you are permitted: pilgrims should keep it in mind that they cannot travel outside Makkah or Madinah on their Umrah visa because the pilgrimage visa permit them to move only inside Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah. You can pay Ziyarat to the holy sites, go shopping, eat and do stuff inside the three cities but refrain yourself from exploring the regions outside the mentioned territories.
6.Currency Exchange: for money exchange, does not ever consult a person on the road even if he shows you the money because such conmen have money that looks completely real. Exchange your money from currency exchange office but watch out your timings. Currency exchange offices are busiest right after the prayers.
7.Best time to perform Tawaf: Tawaf can be performed any time during the day or night but the best time to perform Tawaf is during night, right after Isha. There is nt technical reason to do so but the time is best because of the temperature. Makkah city has extreme temperature in the day but its nights are cool and nonchalant. The moderate temperature endeavors a chance to the pilgrims to perform their Tawaf in ease and with convenience.
8.Prayer areas for Ladies: there are areas for ladies to offer their prayers on the second floor of the Haram. These places are quiet and ladies can offer their prayers with peace of mind. Female pilgrims can also visit Rawdah but only in the morning or late at night. Night time is best for them to visit Rawdah because it is least crowded at that time. They can easily perform their Salah (if they want) and can supplicate without being interrupted much.
9.How to meet again if get lost? It is a regular tip but is very useful in case you get lost. Men and women have to pray separately and as there are millions of people gather at the same place, there is a high chance that after offering prayer, men cannot find their corresponding females and vice versa. This takes time to search one another and is exhausting too. But if you decide to meet at one point after observing your prayer then it would be much easier to find out each other than before.
10.Emergency Contact Numbers: the most ignored but the most important; keep contact numbers with you all the time that can be contacted in case of emergency. In case of any problem regarding your Umrah or else, do not hesitate to make a phone call to your tour operator and embassy. Right after your call, you will be provided with assistance that can help you to resolve your issue. Taking phone numbers of your group members is also a helpful practice.

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