In order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle a peaceful and sound sleep is necessary. In order to achieve this goal snoring must not be a part of the sleep time s that the sleep remains undisturbed and the mind can be fresh and active in the morning. A fresh mind is very important in order to carry out the daily work routine with efficiency and accuracy. Snoring is the most common factor affecting a peaceful sleep as well as causing sleeplessness and disturbances for your partners or roommates. In order to avoid this problem you must consult your physician and ask for a solution so that you wake up fresh minded after a good night’s sleep without being bothered by snoring. Snoring is caused when the loose upper tissues of the throat vibrate during sleep causing an annoying sound. Ten interesting facts about snoring are listed below:

Snoring has no harm itself but a lot of other health disorders can be caused due to snoring as well as snoring indicates that the person who is suffering from a disturbed and restless sleep due to snoring is also suffering from several other diseases. So snoring should not be ignored and must be cured in order to enjoy a sound sleep.

Snoring is a common problem which exists mostly in males. The number of men suffering from snoring is double as compared to women.

There can be a lot of reasons which can cause snoring in a person but the most common factors which can be termed as the root cause of snoring which as a result causes disturbed sleep patterns include being obese or overweight , smoking and drinking alcohol. Even people who do not snore normally suffer from snoring for a few hours after alcohol consumption so it must be avoided to intake alcohol or smoke before sleeping in order to prevent snoring.

Snoring can also be hereditary and it has been observed that almost 70 % snorers are suffering from this issue because it already existed in their families.

The sound range of snores is between 50dB to 100 dB which is almost equal to the range of sound caused by a pneumatic drill causing disturbance to people nearby
The people who have snoring partners are reported to visit their general physician more frequently or buy quality anti-snoring devices available in market.

This proves that snorers not only suffer from the consequences themselves but also cause issues for their partners The people who have a greater BMI(Body Mass Index) snore louder as compared to people who are less obese Sleep quality matters more in order to be health and active as compared to sleep quantity and snoring is a major drawback in obtaining quality sleep
Regular snorers can are five times more probable to suffer from health issues like hypertension, heart diseases ,high cholesterol ,diabetes as compared to occasional snorers Around one third couples suffer from disharmony in relationship due to snoring

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