There is no dearth of home builders contractors in and around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.  You will find many, and all of them quite obviously will claim to be the best in the business. However, as a stakeholder, you must not take their claim by their face value.

So what should you do? You need to pick the very best of them. And you can do so by doing research. An important part of that research is asking them the following questions.

How much can you customise my home?

There is no universal rule of engagement when it comes to the construction of homes. Every approach has to be unique and in tune with the constructional needs and compulsions of the project.

Thus, when you plan to have your home constructed, it must meet your bespoke dwelling needs and preferences. Again, the onus is on the builders to respond to those unique needs and come up with the project accordingly.

Therefore, you must ask how much customisation the builders can afford to meet your needs. The experienced builders in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast are never found wanting in this regard.

How do you select the decorative surfaces, fixtures & colours, and paints?

Ask the builders whether they give you the liberty of selecting the decorative surfaces, fixtures & colours, and the paints of your choice, or if they come as a part of the package.

What does the contract include?

You must know in detail what the contact includes. See if it includes just the base price or there are value additions as well, in the form of inspection, pre-construction supervision, consultation, planning, getting the permission, excavation, after construction cleaning, et all, besides construction.

Will you help in finding and acquiring the land?

Some builders would help you to find and purchase the land for the construction and some don't. Ask whether the team of builders near Brisbane, Sunshine Coast whom you are eyeing on, is one of them.

Also, know if that’s included in the package or you will have to pay separately for that service.

How will you evaluate the site once it is found?

Ask them the steps they will take once you acquire the site. This will give you an idea of the preparatory steps that they will take to evaluate it.

Generally, this includes testing the soil, finding out and solving zoning issues, taking stock of the neighbourhood, the crime rate in the region, and other aspects.

What will be the extent of transparency during the project?

Ask them about your locus standi during the project as the principal stakeholder. Ask whether they will keep you in the loop as they take every step so much so that you know what is being done and why.

What will be your first step in construction?

Generally, the best home builders and contractors near Sunshine Coast as anywhere else in the world would kick off a project by taking stock of the following four parameters…..

  • The size and the dimension of the plot
  •  The neighbourhood restrictions, if any 
  • Your budget, and
  • Your lifestyle

Accordingly, the builder will start the planning, and ensure that the layout fits in these four parameters. Ask whether the contractors have a similar approach methodology.

Can you provide me with the contact numbers of your previous clients?

Obviously, this question will go a long way in establishing the fact that you are eyeing a genuine company. Interacting with its previous customers will let you have a firsthand impression of the service that you can expect from builders.

Has any customer ever sued you?

There is no harm in asking this question blatantly, as that will make it clear, whether you are investing in a clean company or not. Ask for the details, and the contact number of the customer, in case the contractor has faced any such issue.

Do you appoint any third party?

Last but not the least, you need to know whether the contractor has its own builders or will have to hire builders from other sources. No good contractor will do so though. They will have their own builders.

Thus you see, these 10 questions will be enough for you to judge the efficacy of the builders contractors that you are investing in. It will only make your investment a safe and secured one that will give you a handsome return.

Author's Bio: 

The author is one of the best and most experienced home builders contractors near Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. The author is also a regular blogger.