Have you finalized your reservation for your first Las Vegas escape room with your team? Are you trembling with excitement, or perhaps anxiety? Well, don’t worry because I will be giving you ten tips to help you succeed in your first escape room expedition in Las Vegas.

1. Communication is the key

Once you have entered the room, initiate conversation with your team. Think of a plan or strategy and discuss it with your teammates. If you found something that can help solve your mission then make sure to inform your team to save time and effort. Speak your mind if you have something useful to tell. Do not just keep it to yourself. Clear and fast communication might save your team a bunch of time.

2. Ask for help from your members

If you think you can’t solve a math problem or puzzle, then don’t hesitate to pass it along to your teammates. You never know one of your friends might be able to solve it right on the spot. So if you find yourself stuck at a puzzle or the likes, exchange tasks with your friends and try doing another task.

3. Spread out

Don’t stick as a whole group for just one puzzle. Spread out and let each of you work on something else. If the tasks are not enough for everyone else, then work in pairs or small groups. Solving different puzzles and riddles at the same time gives you the time and opportunity to escape the room.

4. Search everywhere

If you must, search every nook and corner for secret keys, objects, locks, etc. Look in places that are in your direct sight and those that appear to hide something. Sooner or later, you are bound to find something useful while doing your search.

5. Do not ignore silly ideas

Your friends may suggest something absurd. As ridiculous as it may sound, that crazy idea could work. Give your friend a chance to execute it. If it still doesn’t work, it may lead to a more sensible idea, or to an even more absurd one. Just remember not to damage the room while doing so.

6. Follow the rules

Listen to the instructions given by your game master. Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts when playing. Eliminating things that are prohibited in the room is useful in escaping. The game master may also reveal some tips or clues and pass it off as a slip of the tongue.

7. Asking for a hint or two is okay

If your team is truly stuck and has no ideas left, then it’s best to ask for hints. Asking for help is not a sign of defeat. It’s better to use a hint than being stuck for more than half of your allotted time. Besides, some escape rooms in Vegas offer free hints without deducting your escape time.

8. Stay calm and think positive

Escape rooms are designed to blow your minds. After all, an easy win is not really something one can be proud of. If your team is running out of time, try to be composed and don’t let panic get the hold of yourselves. Think again this time calmly and positively.

9. Do not overthink

This may seem difficult to do but try not to analyze all strange marks you find on each and every corner of the room. They just might be there for decorative purposes. Also, don’t ruin the decorations or go as far as climbing onto the ceiling.

10. Dress accordingly

Remember that escape rooms are physical adventure games. Wearing outfits like the ones you wear on candlelight dinners are definitely out of the question. Instead, make sure that you wear something you are comfortable even when you are crawling, jumping, running, etc.

Follow these 10 tips and you will be well on your way to the most exciting Las Vegas escape room experience possible!

Author's Bio: 

Faith Patina is a freelance writer for a Las Vegas, Nevada escape room. She also has a bachelor's degree in business management.