There are hundreds and hundreds of article directories out there and new ones are coming online every day. But with so many choices, where should you submit your articles? As far as I’m concerned, the choice is an easy one. Without a doubt, you should send your articles to the best article submission sites. Who are the best? They are among the largest directories that have been around the longest. Following is a list of how the best article submission sites can maximum your benefits:

1. For the most part, these sites have been around the longest. Many new directories pop-up and then fold after two months. If you are an article marketer, this is the worst thing that can happen. A good article can keep working for you for a year or more. If the site closes down, they take your articles down with them and you have wasted a lot of time submitting to them.

2. The largest sites get hundreds of new articles each day. As a result, they are constantly adding new content. The search engines love new content and crawl these sites often. In many cases, an article you submit today can appear in search results tomorrow.

3. Typically, the larger sites have a higher Page Rank than new directories. Search engines could penalize your site if you have tons of links with poorly ranked sites. By submitting to the larger sites only, your site could see significant improvement in its Page Rank.

4. On average, the best article submission sites publish your articles much more quickly than smaller sites. After you’ve taken the time to submit an article, you want to see it published as soon as possible.

5. Page views – You almost always see fewer page views from articles placed on smaller sites. Because they have less traffic, fewer people are looking at your articles.

6. I check on where my traffic is coming from each day. It is a time consuming process, but it is very much worthwhile. As you might expect, most of the traffic comes from larger directories. One of the main reasons that we write articles is to build traffic. Why would anyone submit an article to a site that is likely to deliver little or no traffic?

7. Some of the smaller sites have little quirks that I find annoying. For instance, some of them will ask you if your article is a duplicate over and over again, this irritates me.

8. The established directories make it easy to submit articles. They almost always provide their submit or login button above the fold. Some of the newer, less experienced sites seem to hide their submit an article links or put it in places that is hard to find or require excessive scrolling.

9. If you submit multiple articles each day, the best article submission sites will occasionally send you free stuff. I like free stuff.

10. Normally, the best article submission sites offer more benefits to me as a writer. They usually provide very nice article statistics as well as an easy to use RSS feed system. This makes it easier for other publishers to access my work.

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