Your house or gallery is taken over by hungry little black beasts. Should we demolish everything? To move out? Fumigate?

1. These ants venture outside their colony to breed in the spring. Males die soon after mating, but it is the presence of females that is to be feared. Indeed, the future queens go in search of an ideal site to establish a new colony.

2. There are between two and five species of carpenter ants in Quebec. These are black with the middle of the body brown. They are larger than traditional ants and can be between 8 and 20 millimeters in length.

3. Contrary to popular belief, these ants dig tunnels to inhabit them, but do not eat the wood. Be careful, the air holes they leave everywhere can weaken and even completely destroy the frame of a house.

4. They mostly nest in damp or decaying wood. They can therefore be installed in telephone poles, fence posts, galleries, firewood stored outside, etc. Particular care must be taken when the wood is in direct contact with the ground.

5. Outside, the presence of carpenter ants is normal, even desirable. Indeed, these ants are predators that can eliminate unwanted insects (at least one positive point ...)

6. The presence of a few carpenter ants in the house should not make you panic on the spot. They can be there simply, to seek food. On the other hand, if you see them regularly, especially in the middle of winter, it can be a sign that a colony is hiding somewhere.

7. In the house, special attention must be paid to damp places: cupboards, behind the dishwasher, on window sills, etc.

8. Ants often come out of walls by framing joints, by small cracks ... or even by the oven hood. Be on the lookout.

9. If you spot the recurring presence of sawdust, agglutinated in "small heaps", these are the residues left by the making of tunnels. We have the misfortune to announce to you that this is how the workers sign their crime!

10. To get rid of carpenter ants, no choice, you have to eliminate the queen, and therefore find the main nest. Here you can get the best service in carpenter ants control Toronto.

11. There are several preventive actions to take to prevent ants from invading: do not keep rotten or infested wood, of course, cut the tree branches that touch your house, etc.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.