Face masks have been tried on to enhance beauty in not only women but men too, since the early civilizations became conscious of being beautiful and handsome.

Various types of facial masks were tried on using mostly oils and concoctions made of herbs and fruits, where it was generally a trial and error situation.

The domestication of chicken brought a new dimension to the beauty culture that was prevailing at the time with women using a chicken egg to brighten their faces and gradually “practice always makes perfect”, and they found that the egg white face mask was the best of the rest to bring a natural glow to the face.

Even today in the 21st century it is known that the egg white mask provides some unexpected ways face masks can give you a clean face.

1. Plucks off facial hair

An egg white mask plucks off all unwanted facial hair and brings smoothness to the face, naturally without any side effects.

Women generally detest facial hair and this is a good natural product to bring their confidence back again.

2. Closes and reduces large facial pores

Facial pores are tightened and large pores are reduced when you use an egg-white face mask which hides any uncomfortable little cracks that are in the face.

Egg white is known to have properties that tighten facial skin and using it without any side effects would help the natural process that the facial skin needs and takes during a hot and harsh day.

3. Pushes facial skin upwards

This face mask helps to lift the skin from the inside to the outside, which bring color and brightness to the face.
The lifting of facial skin brings more blood into the face and that gives a very pleasant look that would last sometime after you have removed the mask.

4. Controls oily facial skin

The face mask would control an oily face even hours after the mask has been removed, leaving a naturally smooth texture on the face.

When there is oily skin ladies would find it difficult to put any make up if they are to go out anywhere but after an egg white mask the face would be ready to take the task on.

5. Hydrates dry facial skin

Dry facial skin is a recurring problem a lot of women experience and the best remedy is an egg white face mask which would leave the facial skin hydrated for hours even removing the mask.

It is always advisable to keep your face moist and not let it dry, because dry skin could lead to many other complications and if it is on the face that would not be great.

6. Keeps away facial acne and scars

The natural composition in this type of a face mask would prevent the buildup of facial acne and the spread of it because it acts as an anti acne cream even long after the mask is removed.

7. Prevents facial black heads

This face mask fights against black heads and prevents their formation under the facial skin giving the face brightness like never before.

8. Removes facial wrinkles

Facial wrinkles would be a thing of the past because an egg white mask pulls facial skin tightly together and the face would look as young as ever.

Wrinkles on the face are not always due to age it could occur due to other conditions too hence keeping it free of wrinkles with a natural product is better than spending on expensive creams.

9. Nourishes facial skin

Eggs are high in protein and provide good nourishment for little children as well as adolescents and adults. The properties that eggs have are well known and wearing an egg-white face mask would provide the same for any face too.

10. Soothes irritating facial skin

Irritating facial skin could damage the outer skin of the face hence wearing a facial mask would smoothen the facial skin and release the irritation.

11. Helps to remove dead facial dead skin

Our body skin is always shed and it is so with the face too, wearing a facial mask would help remove all dead skin from the face which are more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body.

We have to look after our face well and sometimes harsh chemicals used in the various creams that are sold in the cosmetic industry could be allergic to some, hence it is always advisable to use natural products especially on your face, which would prevent adverse side effects.

An egg white face mask is a natural product and it is high in protein hence there wouldn’t be any side effects you would encounter when you use one.

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Rahul Jindal is an online marketer having working experience of more than 5 years. He loves to write about several topic. Now he is sharing suggestions and tips to keep clean skin.