“New Studies Show Even More Healing Powers of Turmeric from Killing Cancer, to Prevent Strokes, to Helping with Heart Failure, and Healing Colitis and Dementia… Turmeric is a Powerful Healing Agent”

There’s a lot of new research showing that turmeric is even more powerful than we first thought. Of course, turmeric is a great pain reliever and anti-inflammatory but it’s more than just that… it’s very important for great health in general.

Turmeric is a plant that grows in warmer climates and will grow indoors in cooler areas. The roots are full of powerful antioxidants and every year it’s important to dig up the roots and use them in cooking, dry them for taking in capsules, and so much more.

1 - Researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center did studies with mice with heart failure and noticed that when given turmeric compounds they did better and were more mobile… and their muscles responded better to exercise in general.

2 - The University of Huston is working with derivatives of Turmeric that show that with long term Turmeric therapy pancreatic cancer cells can be killed.

3 - Studies at UCLA have found that Turmeric has the ability to prevent cognitive decline and also dementia. Plus it seems to prevent Alzheimer's disease and increase cognitive performance. Memory tests improved by 28% over 18 months.

4 - Studies at Baylor Scott & White Research Institute showed that combining Turmeric with the oils of Turmeric did a wonderful job of helping with ulcerative colitis which was normally hard to manage. Using the two agents together created an even more pronounced anti-inflammatory effect which helped with the colitis symptoms. The most important aspect of all of this research was… the more turmeric compounds a supplement contains the greater it’s healing ability.

5 - Studies show that oral Turmeric sprays are much more easily absorbed and thus have more healing capabilities. Turmeric sprays are just starting to appear on the market.

6 - Studies at Saint Louis University shows that taking Turmeric and Milk Thistle together can help with colon cancer and kill cancer cells at a much higher rate. Turmeric and Milk Thistle together change the molecules and thus had a much higher impact on killing cancer cells.

7 - In the Journal Carcinogenesis new studies show that Turmeric and a special form or turmeric along with chemotherapy help to kill chemoresistant cancer cells.

8 - Studies at Health Sciences Center New Orleans has found that extracts of grapes, apples, broccoli, turmeric, tofu, and algae such as chlorella and spiriulina inhibited breast cancer cell growth by more than 80% and killed ovarian cancer cells.

9 - Studies at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute have found that compounds in Turmeric can help to prevent lung damage in premature infants.

10 - New studies show that taking Turmeric compounds can improve recovery from strokes. And also, new turmeric compounds have been shown to help prevent strokes in general.

11 - New Studies at Saint Louis University show that Turmeric compounds help in the healing of liver fibrosis.

12 - New Studies at the University of Michigan show that using turmeric and pepper together do a wonderful job of preventing breast cancer by limiting stem cell growth which turns into cancer.

So take your turmeric and help to prevent disease and feel great!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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