Start every day to smile in the face, and I’m sure the days will prove to be a very happy and special days of your life.

There are so many reasons to worry and feel bad about, in this world; but very few reasons to be happy and we have to find them all to be happy.

Don't collect things, collect beautiful and amazing moment in your life so that you will be happy remembering the day whenever you will be sad about anything.

The person who knows all the artwork to be happy in every situation even if in difficult situation, the person will be most satisfied person in all around the world.

Come here; let’s be familiar with the top 12 tips to stay happy:

1. Find For Reasons to Stay Happy

Sometimes, things are perfect in your life, but you deserve happiness.
Just create your own mindset and find happiness in everything and everywhere, even if it is small reason to be happy and make the day perfect.
You will find many people, who make you sad, but you rarely find the people who will make you happy and they will become reason of your smile.

2. Be Mentally and Physically Confident

You should be physically capable to do anything so that, you don’t have anything to regret.
Regret for any work which you couldn’t, snatches your happiness forever. So let it go and never regret. Just focus on next task which may give you happiness.
Physically tragic body sometime hurts. So I suggest you to play outdoor games for physical relief, will make you happy.
So you must be clear with your mind and body to be happy.

3. Spend Some Moments Playing With Kids

It is seen that physically problems like stress and strokes arises due to excessive pressure on work. It will be better to enjoy your work not seriously involved on it.
Kids who are in the habit of lisping are entertaining very well and there is nothing, can take place of this entertainment to you. They play with you, talk to you slowly and laugh with you are the best moment and I’m sure it will make you happy and stress free.

4. Take Smart Care of Yourself

Eating fresh and good food regularly on time is perfect for your body health. So, have a perfect diet, to be physically fit. Drink water as per your body required, to boost your energy level and look fresh all the time.
Go for exercise daily so that you body will work great and you will be happy staying fit.

5. Be Positive and Stay away from people with negative thinking

Positive thinking boosts productivity, creativity and raises the energy level, so always think positive.
It is seen; people with negative thinking low down your confidence level, so that the ability to do work decreases and you feel frustrated.

Make your job enjoyable without worrying about failure, this will provide your inner happiness and due to happiness, you can further concentrate in your next work too.
Also focus on your strength not the weaknesses.

6. Make good friends

It is said “a good friend in your life is equal to 100 books”. Also, making good friends instantly change and improve your outlook and point of view.
Good friends never let you down in any situation and only they can help you to get rid from problematic situation comes in different ways to your life.
Also, they better understand you than other. You can share everything with friends.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t even feel jealous to other because comparing yourself with others, is your own loss. Comparisons are always unfair and it may down your best confidence.
You are too unique in the world and if someone compares fairly, your talents, success and achievements are unique. So stop comparing yourself with others.
Comparison from others, deprive us from joy. Also it can put your focus on a person who may be wrong.

8. Live in present

The day when you learn to enjoy and celebrate the present, you will be familiar the art of being happy.
Appreciate every moment of your life because they are not going to come back again to you.
As you know past is considered as memory and the future is imagination, so why should not we enjoy the present? Just chill, celebrate every precious moment in life, will make you happier person forgetting all worries related to work, family and financial problem. See things more clearly living in present and be happy.

9. Never Expect More from People

Expecting others to treat you well would be very silly thing and it can snatch your happiness.
Do good work for others and therefore, they will treat you well and you will be happy.
Focus on what you can do, to solve the problems instead of hoping someone to help. Be a responsible person and not feel sorry for yourself too much.

10. Create a Blissful environment everywhere

Make a balanced blissful environment everywhere like office, home, school, colleges and playground; so that you will be able to enjoy moment with colleagues, family members and friends everywhere. Share some funny jokes to laugh and it will make you all happy.
Do not spend time complaining about each other the places I have described above, because of this everyone feel frustrated.

11. Do what you like the Best

You can’t be happy if you are busy in work which you don’t like from heart and mind.
Learning new things which you like most and very excited to know from many times, may help you to be happy.
Never do the work that you don’t like and don’t get happiness doing that. Also, adding good things in your life will make you great.
Without reason don’t do too much work together at a same time, this will only lead to more problems in your happy life. Being engaged in lots of work can put you on trouble so do one thing that is easy to you.
Encourage yourself: Sometimes you are alone and no one is there to encourage you, in such situation what you need to do is encourage yourself.

12. Be Kind and Generous

We see generous and kind hearted person are always happy because the happiness we feel by giving others, is can’t comparable to other way of getting happiness.
Always serve helpless and needy person for inner peace and happiness. Their blessings works wonder and can make your life amazing.

Conclusion: Reason to be happy is: everyone loves meeting with happy and kind hearted person. It becomes even easier, living your lives with joy and happiness. It has been observed; happiest people do the most for other.
Not everyone in the world would know this, that he/she is the happiest person in the world.
You know, being happy protects you from many serious health diseases like stress and strokes. Just follow these ways to stay happy and see how your lives become changed.
Lastly, I would like to say “start the days to smile in your face, and see how all your every work will be done very easily” got it.
One more important thing you should note it to stay happy: You will always be happy when you make people happy.
Be happy and spread happiness.

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Hey, am Ravi - a full time blogger and a social media expert. I currently work in the Growth Hacking team of a UK parcel forwarding company.