“Great for Lowering Cholesterol, Anti-Inflammatory for Arthritis, Lower Blood Sugar, Anti-Caner, Great for Stress and Anxiety, Helps with Sleep, Great for Phlegm, Prevents Kidney Stones… and No Side-Effects”

Bay leaf tea has been used for thousands of years and goes all the way back to biblical times. Bay leaves have so many health benefits it’s hard to describe them all… they lower LDL or BAD Cholesterol, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for Arthritis and Joint Problems, Help with Stress and Anxiety, induces sleep and helps with Insomnia, they are Antibacterial, Antifungal, help with Candida, and help to prevent Anticancer. Bay leaf tea contains over 500% of your daily needs of Iron, 200% of Vitamin A, 300% of your Manganese and 83% of your daily Calcium—Wow! Full of powerful antioxidants that help to prevent colds and the flu, also lots of antioxidant healing oils. Brushing with bay leaf powder brighten your teeth, the tea is super for indigestion and stomach problems, helps with IBS, lowers blood sugar in amazing ways making it great for diabetes, helps the body use insulin better, helps to prevent heart attacks, great for PMS, helps with nosebleeds, speeds up wound healing, great for insect bites, keeps insects away, used in cooking and bay leaves are super inexpensive and No Side-Effects.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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