Happiness comes to those who are willing to give happiness to others.

Happiness is a process of spreading love… and thus allowing a smile to develop on someone else's face.

Happiness springs forth from contentment… with what one has in this life.

Happiness comes from inside… instead of being found out in the world.

Happiness is a sign of inner compassion for all the challenges we face.

Happiness is having the time to just “BE” every single day.

Happiness is accepting of our feelings… and noticing feelings come and they go.

Happiness is looking upon the world without judgment.

Happiness is accepting all of it.

Happiness is feeling sensations in our body… and becoming aware of what we are feeling.

Happiness is about being accepting of ourselves and our surroundings.

Happiness is about loving the simple things in life and enjoy them deeply.

Happiness is about seeing interesting qualities in others and having compassion for their process.

Happiness springs forth from a powerful understanding that we are all part of something larger than ourselves that goes on forever.

Happiness is allowing ourselves the time to sit in silence in deep meditation.

Happiness develops from the inside over time.

Happiness is at the end of the day contemplating what took place with compassion.

Happiness is loving ourselves as we love everyone else around us.

Happiness is having a true code to live by and never swerving from that path.

Happiness is about being calm even when things are crazy.

And happiness spreads like wildfire… for if we are happy others feel our vibe and also become happy.

From the very start, the world has never stopped having great ups and downs with lots of turmoil. But through it all, there are groups of people who find happiness no matter what they have going on.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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