Have you ever thought about the type of problem solver that you are? If you haven't, now is probably a good time to think about it. In today's day and age, problems are more complicated than they have ever been before. Ever since the start of the information age and the knowledge economy, the world seems to be working overtime creating the most complex problems ever imaginable.

It's not enough to have world hunger anymore. Oh no! Now, we have world hunger, complicated by global warming and an international threat of terrorism, not to mention global financial chaos.

And what about chronic disease. In the old days, people used to die from infectious disease. In other words, they had to catch the disease in some way, either by touch or by breathing in the virus or by eating something bad. Back then all that had to happen was that scientists and doctors had to come up with cures or vaccinations or treatments. But today it's not so easy.

Today, we are all dying from chronic degenerative disease. And these diseases, like cancer, heart disease and stroke, are often classified as diseases of choice. This means that they are caused by our lifestyle choices. And it's the truth, these diseases are caused by our bad diets, by our bad habits, by our laziness, by the toxic pollution in our air and water, and by the stress we all carry around like a badge of honor. These are not diseases that can be cured with a simple vaccination. No, unfortunately these diseases require that people become educated and make different choices in their lives. These diseases require people to become good problem solvers. But how do you know if you are a good problem solver or not?

The list below pokes a little fun at the different problem solving styles of people. Take and look and think about which one matches you the best. Once you have picked one, go directly to my website, do not pass go and do not collect $200 until you have learned as much as you can about a new problem solving model - Solving The Wellness Challenge. My website is at http://www.strictly-stress-management.com/problem_solving_model.html. It's time we all got started "Solving The Wellness Challenge." See you there.


Quitter Problem Solvers
Don’t follow through, or give up too quickly.

Impending Doom Problem Solvers
Blow things out of proportion.

Lovers and Dreamers Problem Solvers
Spend all their time saying “if only” or “I wish”, but never gets started.

Scarlet O’Hara Problem Solvers
I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow, procrastinates endlessly.

Riding the Clutch Problem Solvers
Makes things complicated, gets bogged down in details, gets caught up with semantics, stalls and strats all the time.

Super Hero Problem Solvers
Rides in a white horse with banners waving to solve other’s problems but never solves his own.

Sigmund Freud Problem Solvers
Gets lost in the process and in people’s feelings. Never gets off the couch to make any progress.

Operation N.O.W. Problem Solvers
Wants to do it, do it, do it. NOW!!! Doesn’t care about feelings.

My Way or the Highway Problem Solvers
No flexibility or adaptability. Will not accept any advice. Knows Everything.

Queen of Denial Problem Solvers
What do you mean? I don’t have any problems.

Wine and Cheese Problem Solvers
Spend all their time whining about their problems, but never does anything about them.

Ping Pong Ball Problem Solvers
No focus, all over the map, too many things on the go, so never gets any finished.

Hypochondriac Problem Solvers
Has a million problems, too many to pick from so never starts even the first one.

Fire Starter Problem Solvers
They spend all their time creating problems and so never get around to solving any.

Smokey the Bear Problem Solvers
Runs around putting out small fires, never makes any progress in solving big problems.

Jack of All Trades Problem Solvers
Can solve any problem under the sun for other people but never solve their own problems.

Holier Than Thou Problem Solvers
Believes their problems are far more serious than any one else’s trifling problems.

Scatter Brain Problem Solvers
They can’t decide where to begin, so they flit around from problem to problem.

Hermit on the Hill Problem Solvers
Keeps all problems secret. Keeps everything bottled up inside and never asks for any help ever.

Go Tell It on the Mountain Problem Solvers
Proclaims and announces their problems to the whole world. They ask for advice from everyone and make a good show but they never put the advice to any good use.

Author's Bio: 

Jill Prince is the "PRINCE OF WELLNESS." She is the author and founder of strictly-stress-management.com and Solving the Wellness Challenge (TM). Through these companies, Jill teaches people how to solve all their wellness challenges using effective problem solving tools and techniques based on sound business and project management theories. Jill is, currently, a student in a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) Degree program through the University of Athabasca and she is a graduate of the E-Myth Worldwide Business Mastery Impact Program (2009).