M-tech is a postgraduate degree, which is pursued by those engineering students who want to extend their learning in the field of their specialization. M-tech allows students to have more practical knowledge, more hands-on experience than what they had in their graduation. It is only advisable to pursue this course if the student has a keen interest in their subject, while also having a thorough knowledge of it.

Having said that, doing an M-tech course has its own benefit. It is no surprise that students actively inquire about the top M tech colleges in Pune , Maharashtra and various other states. Let’s discuss the 3 benefits of pursuing this degree.

1. Core knowledge

The main advantage of doing an M-tech is the in-depth knowledge that it provides. Students do not learn those depths in their graduation but doing an M-tech opens their minds to new ideas, new concepts and a new window of opportunities. Also, pursuing an M-tech helps engineers gain total knowledge control in their respective fields and act as consultants to various engineering firms. M-tech also helps in getting into a managerial role in the near future.

2. Better pay

The salary of an M-tech compared to a B-tech will definitely be much better and a lot higher. A pass-out from a college from a good repute is expected to command a great pay package.

Why is the pay high? Because of your expertise in the field. When you complete your M-tech, you are specializing in your field in such a way that you are expected to encompass all the knowledge taught to you. Also, as stated in the previous benefit, a master degree allows you to carve your way into a managerial role as well.

Possessing technical knowledge and managing an entire team at the same time? You are worth a lot to the company and thus, the company rewards back by handsomely paying you.

3. High demand
Engineers are always in demand. Even more, if they have an M-tech degree in hand. The window of opportunities for an M-tech engineer is far and wide. Let's talk about the two main sectors -

Corporate sector - For an M-tech graduate, the opportunities in the corporate sector lie either in consulting companies or the core engineering companies.

Research and teaching - Getting a Ph.D. is a very prestigious title as it is the highest university degree one can have. Students having completed their M-tech can always opt for a Ph.D.

There are always cases of ‘giving back what you have learned.’ Especially engineering graduates, who take pride in teaching and producing world-class engineers. With so many engineering colleges in Pune , Mumbai, Bangalore and so on are hiring teachers for their M-tech course, there is never a dearth of a job in that sector.

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Research programmes leading to Ph. D. Degree were introduced in Faculty of Engineering of Symbiosis International University in 2010.