Being a social media marketer is a huge responsibility in today's world. Ensuring that your business stands out among all the clutter has become more challenging than ever before. New brands are emerging every day, and cutthroat competition is increasing from existing brands. From social media advertising to marketing and customer experience, it has become quite challenging to stay on top of everything.

However, with all these increasing challenges, we are lucky enough to have many great tools to help us succeed and generate more productive results on social media.
From content curation to discovery, from scheduling and publishing to analytics, we have tools for everything to improve our effectiveness.

Here we have compiled a list of the top 3 social media tools that experts are using, that you need to learn to use to succeed in 2020.
Let’s dive in!

1. BuzzSumo
Pricing: Plans start at $79/month
BuzzSumo is a tool used by experts to find the most trending influencers and shared content. This tool can help you understand which content performs best for chosen topics. All you need to do is to search for a topic or a domain and get started.
BuzzSumo gathers all insights to help you have an in-depth understanding of your impact on social media and generate smarter content strategies. This tool will give a proper breakdown of the results by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit shares.
This will enable you to see which articles are performing better across the web without having to monitor multiple social channels continually.
Similar tools: Mention, Ahrefs, Meltwater

2. Google Trends
Pricing: Free
Google Trends has taken the internet by storm because it is a completely free tool created by Google that helps everyone to search for trending topics on the internet.
Experts have been using this tool to keep a close eye on notable things that are happening in the world. This helps them to discover and share information related to what is most popular right now.
Google Trends can help you to monitor how specific keywords are performing in terms of their current volume compared to previous months and years. This can help you to generate better content and a better social media marketing strategy than your competition for your business .
Similar tools: WordStream, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs

3. Buffer Publish
Pricing: Free (paid plans start at $15/month)
Buffer is a complete package of tools that helps experts build their brand. It is designed to make it easy for marketing experts and businesses to schedule social media posts, analyze their performance, and manage all their profiles on one platform.
For instance, with Buffer Publish, you can schedule a post for all your social media profiles, and the tool will help you to add content in a queue, which will be published at the designated times.
Buffer is not only available as a web application, but also have both iOS and Android apps. And not just that, it is also available as Chrome Extension so that you can get your work done while you are browsing the web.
Similar tools: Sprout Social, Hootsuite,

If you are trying to manage your social media channels by yourself as a business owner, learning how to use the proper tools will save you tons of time. Time that you now have to spend on doing what you do best, running your business!

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Adeel Arshed is Experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Off-Page SEO, WordPress, Digital Marketing. Strong marketing professional with a Master of Computer Applications - MCA focused in Information Technology from University of Management and Technology.