Mixing nootropics with other supplements or substances can be really tricky. If you are new to nootropics we believe that even word “mixing” can sound scientific if you don’t have any knowledge. This time we dive in mixing Phenibut with caffeine.  Why? Phenibut is one of the most popular nootropic in the market today, the consumption is huge worldwide so we believe it is important to provide some knowledge how to take it for best results. Caffeine is one of the best substance to mix with Phenibut, and the combination of those two can be divine if you do this correctly. And you shortly will now why!

  1. Phenibut-Caffeine combination helps improve mood and motivates socializing

    Phenibut is really good nootropic to use for anxiety reduction. More, Phenibut helps fight depression symptoms. This supplement stimulates your dopamine receptors and in this way has a calming effect why you would feel better, more upbeat and more positive. Caffeine rises energy levels so you feel relaxed enough and eager to socialize, communicate with your friends, family, colleagues not only at work or studies, but also afterwards when participating in some leisure activities.

  2. The combination can help improve perform better at communication

    The mix of Phenibut-Caffeine can be almost magic if you are actively looking for new job, diving into new projects, have a lot of public speaking (for example presentations or something like that). In those tasks you have to be really focused, braised up, smart and and positive. Caffeine will leave you energized and an appropriate Phenibut dosage will help forget depression, rest better and release your mind from negative thoughts, so you could be focused on the things that matter the most.

  1. The long lasting effect of the combination

    Phenibut and Caffeine are substances which effects tend to kick in in a few hours but it also lasts for a long time. We recommend taking the combination of these two compounds if you often have really long, active and mentally exhausting days (for example: a lot of meetings with clients or colleagues, a lot of additional activities and so on). You can be sure that the mix of Phenibut-Caffeine will keep you charged for a full challenging day. You will be energised, positive and alert.

As you see, the wonderful combination of Phenibut and Caffeine can be almost euphoric in some cases. If you want to feel this pleasant effect on you - try mix those two. Don’t forget that it all comes to proper amounts - too small or too big portions can cause distorted results. Be careful!

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