The holy act of Umrah is considered one of the best worship where its performer will not only collect myriad blessings but plenty of rewards by the Supreme Creator of the whole Universe. The performance of Umrah is never as easy for UK Muslims as it is now with “Travel for Umrah”, the leading name of the traveling industry in the United Kingdom. Though Umrah can be performed throughout the year when it comes to the best time for its performance, December wins the games, thanks to its pleasant weather in the Saudi Kingdom and Christmas holidays in the west. It is the best time for Muslims living in the west to utilize their vacations by performing the sacred religious obligation with their family and kids.
To cater to the needs of pilgrims who want to perform Umrah in December, Travel for Umrah introduces its unbeatable well-designed 3 Star December Umrah package. The number one choice of pilgrims, this thoughtfully planned Umrah package covers almost all aspects of traveling and other requirements that pilgrims need or may need during the sacred voyage. So, what are you waiting for, book with us now to grab some of the cheapest deals in town.
3 Star December Umrah package is one of the most brightly shine package we offer, includes everything for pilgrims’ convenience. The moment you select Travel for Umrah as your travel partner and 3 Star December Umrah package, our zealous staff begins working to provide you with the best services and facilities throughout your trip. A perfect amalgamation of great services and affordable price, 3 Star December Umrah package includes Visa, flight tickets, flight booking, accommodation, and transportation.
The total span of stay on holy land consists of 10 days, in which pilgrims will spend 5 days in Makkah and their stay will be at famous Al Eiman Al Sud hotel, located on just a 5-minute drive from the Grand Mosque. The hotel is known for its professional services and good customer care. Staff at the hotel can communicate in multiple languages that makes easy for pilgrims to convey what they want. On the flip, during your rest of the 5 days, you will become guest at Al Eiman Al Ohud hotel in Madinah. The beautiful hotel is located on a mere distance of 250 m from Prophet’s mosque, makes congenial for holy guests to move back and forth without walking miles.
Providing you the nearest and comfortable accommodation is our top priority but we can’t neglect other important matters as well. Travel for Umrah will be responsible for your visa getting process and take you safe and sound to your destination. Once you reach there one of our agents will receive you at the airport and take you to your allotted accommodation via first-class air-conditioned transport. Throughout your stay, our agents will be in contact with you and provide you guidance wherever and whenever needed. Those who want to make ziyarat to sacred places can demand at the time of booking of the package. It will include in your package at extra cost as it is not an official ritual of Umrah.
You can enjoy your sacred trip with our 3 Star December Umrah package by paying just £ 575 per person. For further details and booking contact us now.

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