Having your own bar is one of the best ways to entertain your guests. You might be thinking that decorating your bar is a daunting task. But in reality, it’s not. All you need is the right plan. You should get started with a theme for your bar. It will help you choose the appliances, glassware, and storage that escalates your chosen bar themes. It is simply a matter of adding décor that matches your theme. You will be able to enjoy quality drinking time with friends and family at your own place in no time.

In this article, we’ll discuss three vital things that you should consider while decorating your bar. Let’s check them out:

  1. Customised Table

If you want to stand apart from your peers, look for customised bar tables in Australia. Customisation will help you design the tale as per your choice and requirements. You can engrave your logo or bar name on the table. Using coasters is an elegant and practical idea.

The shape and size of the tables will depend on the pattern and space of your bar.  The furniture shops are overwhelmed with tables of different designs including- bolt down, dry bar, dry bar base, cairns, communal design, melamine indoor design, etc. When it comes to material selection, you need to consider your requirements, such as:

  • If your budget is not limited and you want long-lasting, elegant, and stylish design, you should opt for granite and marble table tops
  • If you love to stick to a traditional style, then you should choose ark and well-grained wood
  • For a modern and minimalist look, stainless steel or glass bar countertops can be the best bet.
  • If you are on a tight budget, tile can be a reasonable and appealing solution

You should avoid surfaces that may warp, crack, scratch, and chip easily. Always remember that your chosen material will decide the longevity and appeal of your table bases.

  1. Countertops

Countertops also play a key role in elevating the appeal and accessibility of your bar.   With some simple hacks, you can make your countertops appealing. These hacks are:

  • Get some decorative coasters on the countertop

The use of a coaster is not only decorative but also useful. Coasters protect the countertop and you can accent the place with it by employing an alluring design. If you want to leave any message or famous quotes for your guests, you can customise your napkins that way and organise them on the countertops.

  • Place a set of straws on your bar

Do you know that your chosen straws can have an impact on the style and vibe of your bar? Yes, it’s true. It has been found that wacky and colourful straws have a different impact than plain and functional straws.

  • Give a touch of greenery by adding some plants

A vase of a beautiful flower or a potted plant can really make the countertop more welcoming.  If a nurturing real plant is quite difficult for you, you can use artificial flowers or plants to give the place a natural touch.

  1. Wall

Well, when we are talking about bar decoration, the wall must not be forgotten. Here, we’ve come up with a number of ideas to accent your wall.

  • Install enigmatic lighting fixtures

 Your chosen lighting should add a magnificent accent to your bar. At the same time, it should be functional as well. The lighting should properly illuminate the bar. Sometimes, a classic light fixture acts as a pendant lighting fixture.  Using low wattage or softer light bulbs can be the best decision if you want to create a pub-like atmosphere.

  • Hang a neon sign

Considering the theme of your bar, you should choose a neon sign and hang it on the wall to give a traditional bar look.

Bottom Line

What are you waiting for?  This is time for bar decoration. Order the perfect bar tables in Australia, decorate your countertops, and give the wall a new look!

Author's Bio: 

The author is an interior designer who holds a keen interest in blogging as well. She has decorated many bars, café, and restaurants with beautiful bar tables and chairs. Her designs of table bases are out-of-the-box and functional.