Cots are mandatory furniture for every home, but what makes it even better is picking the right double cot for your home. Therefore, below is a buying guide with 3 basic steps to be assured of before bringing a wooden double cot:

Depending On Size
Double cots are available in two sizes, so you can buy a double cot which fits according to the space of the bedroom and in your budget as well. Below are the two sizes in which double beds can be found:

King Size Beds
King size double cots are among the most luxurious bed range that you can find for yourself. It is with colossal size so that two people can comfortably sleep on it. Even if you have a family and your little one sleeps between you, king-size double cots are still inviting.

Queen Size Beds
The length of queen size double cots is equivalent to king-size double beds. It is the width of beds that vary. Queen size double beds tend to have lesser breadth than king ones. So, if you want a comfortable bed but lack space in the bedroom, then queen size double cots can be an assistance to your need.

Depending On Storage Feature
Every double cot has an option to add storage features to the bed to increase the serviceability of the furniture unit. If you are always short of space in your abode, then double cots with storage will give ample space to organize all your clutter within.

Below are the several ways in which you can summate storage service to your double cot:

Hydraulic Storage
Wooden double cots have hydraulic storage added to the bed wherein all it takes is a slight pull, and the pull-up door will open by itself. This is extremely helpful as you do not have to lift any weight; the door opens automatically on just a jerk. Wooden double cots with hydraulic storage are extremely amiable for accessing ample space effortlessly.

Drawer Storage
This is the most accessible double cot with storage wherein you are free to pull out the drawer whenever you need it. Such storage double cots either have deep drawers on two sides of the bed or there lies a single drawer through the footboard.

Each of these drawers is hugely roomy so that you can keep in everything from your little pillows to big and fat blankets. The best part; it can be pulled anytime.

Headboard Storage
Although double cots with headboard storage may not be as spacious as other forms of storage, these are very handy organizers. The thin store place can be helpful to keep in the books and stuff. Also, being sleek, these are generally concealed so that you can hide your stuff too.
Depending On Style

In today's era, every person wants their home to be modern and stunning, and this starts with the bedroom itself. So, you can figure out some of the double cots that can be trendy and contrasting. Few of its examples are shown down here:

Modern Style
If you are looking for modern bedroom decor, then platform double cots should be first in your list. These beds are low height double beds, which are being a trailblazer today.

Contemporary Style
For a contemporary wooden double cot design, try out something in bold. You can opt for a furniture unit with contrasts of white headboards and wooden finishes. Also, a standard wooden double cot with mahogany or honey finish is said to be an epitome of a contemporary double cot.

Sober Furniture Unit
When it comes to a simple double cot, then it is the easiest thing to do as no intricacy, no extra thoughts, no additional features together make it the wisest. This double cot is always the best option to match with every interior, whether traditional or modern.

These are some of the facts to be peculiar of when you are buying a double cot for your home. So, get home the smartest unit by making an intelligent choice of furniture.

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