In the United States, every 6 seconds, someone dies from a tobacco-related disease. Tobacco use stands as the most common preventable cause of death. Each year more than 480,000 people die from smoking and 41,000 die from secondhand exposure. The health risks of smoking cannot be overstated.

Are you looking to improve your health by quitting smoking? Want to avoid the trouble and discomfort of quitting cold turkey? If so, there are a variety of options to choose from. Keep reading to learn about 3 natural ways to quit smoking and end the habit for good.

1. Switch to Vaping
One of the most common smoking cessation tools is a vaporizer. Vaping has grown in popularity around the world. In fact, it’s estimated that about 9 million adults vape on a regular basis. Vaping is a well-liked alternative to smoking because it’s healthier as well as cheaper. With a vaporizer you’re still exposed to nicotine as well as the throat hit that smokers crave. But, vaping doesn’t produce harmful chemicals that are often found in cigarettes.

Choosing the Best Vape Device
If you’ve ever looked at vaporizers in the past, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all of the options. From pen style devices to box mods, it's hard to know which build is best for you. Pen devices are inexpensive and easy to use. But, they don't produce a lot of cloud and often lack in flavor. The next step up is the mechanical vape, which is also pretty simple to use. Mechanical vapes are great for inexperienced vapers and great decent clouds with quality flavor. Top of the line vaping experience is often achieved through the use of sub ohm tanks. These devices can be built to create a lot of cloud as well as tons of flavor.

Find the Right Juice

To successfully switch over to vaping, you’ll need to find the right vape juice. In stores and online you’ll find an endless amount of options to choose from. Flavor aside, you can also customize your PG/VG base as well as the nicotine levels. If you’re newly switching to vaping, you may want to choose a juice that offers high nicotine. When it comes to PG/VG, consider what’s most important to you. If you prefer a nice throat hit combined with good cloud production, choose a 50/50 mix. Otherwise, if you want a better throat hit with less cloud, go with a higher PG base. High VG juices will produce thicker and milkier clouds.

Only go for top-knotch vape juice companies. Are you a classic smoker? If so, stick with traditional flavors such as menthol or tobacco. Otherwise, if you’re willing to branch out, check out more fruity flavors, like those you can find on VapeWild or Amazon:

● Murica (rocket popsicle flavor)
● Hannibal Nectar (mixed fruit flavor)
● Smurf Cake (blueberry cheesecake flavor)
● Fruit Hoops (fruit cereal flavor)
● On Cloud Custard (vanilla custard flavor)

The right juice will leave you satisfied with your vaping experience. In turn, you’re less likely to revert back to smoking.

2. Detox Your Body
Smoking puts all sorts of harmful toxins and carcinogens in your body, including nicotine, lead, and even formaldehyde. To boost your chances of kicking the habit for good, you’ll want to detox to get these chemicals out of your body.
One of the first steps is to drink plenty of water. H2O not only hydrates you, but it's a natural cleansing agent. Water breaks down chemicals in your body and carries them out. The more water you drink, the more effectively your kidneys work. In turn, you can speed up the flushing of toxins from your body.

You will also want to incorporate herbs and foods into your diet, including ginger, garlic, green tea, and ginseng. All of these ingredients are known for their cleansing properties. Garlic contains allicin, which can help cleanse and restore your lungs. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that will repair damage caused by free radicals produced by cigarette smoke.

For a thorough detox, you'll also want to:
● Eat plenty of fiber
Exercise each day
● Eat whole foods

With the right detox, you’ll feel better both inside and out.

3. Meditation & Yoga
Meditation has been long linked to its stress relieving abilities. In fact, meditation is said to strengthen the area of the brain that controls willpower. Mindful meditation can help you stick with your smoking-cessation program. Being mindful allows you to better manage your cravings. In turn, it may be easier to control you craving to smoke.

To boost your chances of breaking the habit, incorporate yoga into the mix. Yoga is said to regulate stress hormones, making it easier to quit smoking.

There are all sorts of natural ways to quit smoking. If you’re serious about improving your health and cutting the bad habit, try one of the methods above. Once you’ve quit smoking, you’ll not only feel better, but your body will begin to repair and restore itself.

Have you quit smoking? Which method did you use? Share your story with us below!

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