How important is network marketing coaching to your business? Sounds like a dumb question because the answer is obvious... it's very important. So why do many MLM'ers ignore this vital aspect of the business.

When you join a company, the first thought that runs through the minds of most people is what sort of coaching will I receive? It's an established fact if you sign someone up and just leave them to fend for themselves the prospects of them leaving your downline within three months is extremely high.

While many experienced MLM'ers will tell you this doesn't happen I'm here to tell you it does... big time! Why? Because many people are mesmerized into this business by big words such as leverage and time freedom. If you join my opportunity and start sponsoring people then leverage and time freedom will follow. Huh!

Implementing MLM Coaching

Nothing will follow if you don't implement a little network marketing coaching. It's not enough to leave a new sign up with the company's training materials hoping that they will figure it out.

As soon as they've joined they need to be plugged into a system. Because this is when they are at their hottest. They've seen the initial information, been to the presentations and seen something about your company which has triggered a solution to their future financial future. This is when network marketing coaching is compulsory.

You need to strike while the iron is hot because if you don't, the enthusiasm and excitement will soon disappear and they'll just be one of the 95% of people who didn't make it in the MLM business.

3 MLM Training Tips

Here are three network marketing coaching tactics worth implementing in your business. Remember, if you are already part of a successful system then stick with it.

1. Once the prospect has joined, immediately organize an initial training session with them within 24-48 hours. This will be one on one and you'll spend time with them going over things like welcome pack material and other company information.

2. Plug them into a forum group training. This could either be one on one training or may be a group training session one or two times a week. These training sessions will center around personal development and should run at least six weeks.

3. Organize a training session involving you, your new sign up and either your mentor or someone successful in your upline. This should be organized shortly after they join and can cover anything from prospecting to setting accountable short and long term goals.

It's a lot of training I know but the first six weeks is so vital. Each person you sign up is a business within a business and they are an investment in your business. Why wouldn't you want to make sure they develop the necessary skills to become successful.

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