Once our teeth become permanent, they are already irreplaceable. In case you accidentally lose a tooth or have it extracted due to tooth decay then there is a zero chance that you can grow that tooth back again. This is why dental health should be on top of our priorities same as how we take care of our body. Here are a few dental health tips that you can use and practice. This article is written with the help of austin family dentist Dr. Ameet Trivedi DDS.

Brush regularly.

Brushing at least twice a day is a must if you want your teeth to be in good health. This is the main task that you need to do in order to remove food particles stuck in your mouth after eating. You also have to know the proper way of brushing if you want it to have the best effect in your oral health. Always start by brushing the outside surfaces before moving on to the insides which is harder to reach with your toothbrush. To wrap off your brushing session, brush your tongue before you rinse away the toothpaste suds with water.

Floss at least once a day.

The perfect time to do flossing is right before you sleep. Flossing is a task that will clean up food particles and dirt in your mouth that brushing wasn’t able to remove. There are definitely areas inside your mouth that a toothbrush cannot reach that is why there is the dental floss that will allow you to clean those areas. If you have tight teeth gaps then might as well use waxed dental floss so that the floss can smoothly glide across those gaps without hurting your gums.

Book your dental appointments.

Even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth, there is still a chance that you can be diagnosed with dental health problems. This is why you need to visit your dentist once in every 4 months just to make sure that your teeth are kept in check and dental health issues can be corrected even before they become serious or severe. Your dentist can also suggest dental procedures that you can undergo in order to improve your teeth aesthetics-wise.

Stop cigarette smoking.

The nicotine that you acquire by smoking cigarettes can cause teeth stains that is why most cigarette smokers have yellowish teeth. The heat from smoking will also affect the health of your teeth since it is bad for them to be exposed to extreme temperatures. Cigarette smoking is not just bad for your oral health but is bad for your health in general. Quit cigarette smoking before it can give you more sever health issues aside from tooth stains and bad breath such as lung cancer, heart problems and even blindness.

There are a lot more tips that you need to know about oral health but the 4 mentioned above are the most basic ones. You just have to practice these tips regularly and your oral health will be just fine.

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