There are times when keeping the bathroom smelling fresh and nice is hard. However, having a bathroom that smells good creates a great space and keeps the entire house smelling fresh as well.

When the bathroom is clean and free from odor, it makes it look more attractive and cleaner. Some look for an easy way out and use air fresheners.

The spray could mask the smell but at the expense of those who are sensitive to the chemicals used and children.

There are some easy to follow tips that anyone who wants to keep their bathroom smelling fresh and clean could follow. They include:

1. Run the bathroom fan after every use

If you use the bathroom and then leave it damp, it means that it could develop mildew and a musty odor that may be hard to overlook.

After you take a bath or shower, make sure that you let the fan run if there is one. If not, you could open the window and allow steam to dissipate; this also allows the floor and the walls to dry.

If you do not have a window or a fan in the bathroom, you could utilize an electric fan to deal with the moisture when you are done bathing. If the bathroom is humid, you could consider a humidifier as well.

Make sure bath mats and towels are hung to dry and wash them regularly. The shower curtains should be closed to give them room to dry.

2. Properly clean it up

It is easy for the bathroom to get stinky and dirty especially when small kids have to use them as well. You should mop the bathroom floors regularly using a good toilet brush or everyday especially when you are potty training.

You need to be attentive to the hinges of the toilet seat, the rim, and the floor surrounding the toilet.

Do not let any water stand at the sink area. Also, clear any shed hair, spilled toiletries, and toothpaste globes. These could be a menace.

The trash container within the bathroom, if you have one, should be lined with plastic bags that are disposable to avoid the grunge build-up. Make sure that the trash is emptied daily.

3. Natural odor absorbers

The other thing you could try out is to keep it fresh using natural odor absorbers. You could choose a bowl or vase and then fill it with baking soda or vinegar.

This can be set on the counter within the bathroom. These products absorb odor in the air and this makes the bathroom smell pleasant and fresh at all times.

Activated carbon is another natural absorber that you could consider using in your home. This is a product that can be accessed at pet stores and specifically in the section for aquariums.

4. Add a Pleasant Scent

You can also choose to use mild fragrance within the bathroom. You should always avoid any harsh sprays.

Potpourri can be set in the bathroom. You could also use a mixture of citrus peels, spices, rose petals, and pine to make the air smell naturally good.

A soy candle can also be used to add some fragrance to this important room. Before you use the toilet, you could light the candle and then blow it out when you are done.

Reed diffusers can also be used especially when they are scented; these are often in vases filled with essential oils.

Ending Note:

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any household. It is also one of the rooms that can be neglected especially when you have a lot of people frequenting it from time to time in case of big families.

Keeping it smelling fresh could also be a challenge for those that have little children using the bathroom as well or being potty trained.

Odors are common in the bathroom and it is nothing to be ashamed of. With the above tips, it is very easy to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean at all times.

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