What is Mental Health?

Mental health depicts a person’s psychological, emotional and social well-being. It can be measured by observing how a person feels, acts, think or react. Therefore, it is also called as ‘behavioral health’ because it very much impacts your behavior.

We all must have observed everyone behaves differently but none of us really pay attention to why? It is only because of our mental health. Everyone has gone through different experiences in life and we all react differently in every situation. Some are sensitive and some are strong, all these reactions and actions comprise our ‘mental health’.

Research work of National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) claims that 1 in 5 Americans suffer mental health issues making it to an average of 40 million-plus adults a year.

Why is it important to take care of your Mental Health?

How you feel, act and react is an outcome of your mental health. If you are always feeling agitated, do not feel like socializing or you are acting too sensitive towards every small thing, etc. you need a counselor.

To have a healthy balanced life it is very important to be strong mentally. Mental health influences our decision-making skills, stress management skills and how we are with others, etc.

If you have maintained your emotional health then you can be a blessing for yourself, society and your family. An emotionally healthy person is found out to be more productive, outgoing, confident and is able to maintain healthy relationships. They are more composed and open to adapt to the diversity of life.

Take a step forward towards your Mental Health

It is not necessary to suffer mental health disorders to start with some healthy regime. Life is a blend of good and bad, positive and negative. One never knows what situation or experience may impact your life in an adverse way. Keep yourself prepared to face such situations bravely.

Some of the important things that you should do regularly to keep yourself mentally healthy are- exercise daily, take up a hobby (do one thing in a day that you love), eat healthily, meditate, be forgiving and grateful, show gratitude.

Things that affect your mental health adversely:

Negativity: Stay away from negative thoughts and people. Anything or anyone that tries to put you down, maintain your distance from that. It is advisable to be surrounded by loved ones or who admire your presence. Negative feedback shall be welcomed strongly, with an intent to improvise. If you feel you are not good at handling negativity, train yourself and till then stay away from it. Negative feedback for your improvement is different from negative nagging. If someone is acting very rude and inappropriate towards you, let them go. Do not hold on to things that hamper your mental health.

Loneliness: We humans are social animals. It is good to have some alone time but it is a problem if you always avoid gatherings and socializing. If you are feeling lonely from within and do not feel like talking to anyone. Get yourself a counseling help . It is not a bad thing to open up. Try moving out of your self-made black hole. It surely would help you feel better and improvise your mental health. Start writing and indulging yourself in something that you enjoy. Listen to calming music, paint, make long conversations be it on the call or go meet your friends or family. Move out of your comfort zone to make yourself mentally healthy and wealthy.

Traumatic life experiences: Everyone is not blessed with a perfect family, house, friends or facilities. We all have gone through some hard phase of life. Make yourself so strong that life shall not be able to break you even by its strongest thrust. Some have been victims of child abuse, molestation, domestic violence, bereavement (lost someone of uttermost importance), broken marriage/relationship, etc. It’s a never-ending list of sad things that can turn life into a horrible experience. One shall meditate to let go of the events that have occurred in the past. Try living one day at a time and relish your present. Only strong people have the ability to stand up as many times the life knocks them down. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your life. It’s you who have the ability to turn darkness into light by taking a few small steps towards life. Stay positive and let go of all those incidents that haunt you. Do not let anything pull you down. Talk about it, make peace with it and stand strong.

Drug and alcohol: Some are the victims of drugs and alcohol out of innocence and some due to mental health disorders. Thinking that intoxication can help you solve problems is the biggest mistake people make. Drugs and alcohol spoil your mental health to the extent that rehabs at times feel helpless. To come out of any situation or even out of curiosity one shall stay away from these things to maintain their mental well-being.

Every person goes through some phases in life where he/she feels helpless. Being vulnerable is not bad, so open up and be expressive to the ones you feel who can understand you better. If you feel completely lost or broken take counseling help. Do not think it is just for mental retards or abnormal beings. Anyone who feels the need should get a counselor. In the end it is just YOU who can help YOURSELF. Do not let the condition be chronic.

Author's Bio: 

I have been working closely with Dr. Bharat Sangani for quite some time. I have been mostly managing the Health wing of Dr. Sangani's Health, Wealth, and Wisdom University. As a team, I am enthusiastic to dissipate the importance of a healthy life to all the individuals who wish to be part of Dr. Sangani's university.