Summer means different things to everyone—beach, sunshine, camping, heat—but we can all agree that summer also means lots and lots of bugs. Many pests make their presence well-known when the warm temperatures end their hibernation. Without proper care, you could be leaving your home wide open for the creepy crawlers to settle in. Follow these four tips to protect your house and deter any pests that might think of turning your home into their summer resort.

Get Rid of Moths with White Vinegar

While moths are one of the few pests that don’t cause a health risk, they can damage textiles in the home as well as your food supply. Check for signs of an already existing infestation, especially in your grain products where eggs and larvae tend to be. After throwing out any contaminated items, deep clean the area. White vinegar is a powerful natural cleaner, and it can also repel moths that like to get into your pantry and closets. Wipe down your shelves and food containers with some white vinegar, then sprinkle some bay leaves around the area. Moths and many other pests will steer clear after that.

Seal Up All Cracks and Gaps

Harsh winter weather can cause doors and window frames to crack, creating easy and unnoticeable entry points for eager pests. Take some time to do a thorough inspection around your home’s exterior and seal up any openings. Weatherstripping has an added benefit, as it is also a great way to prevent heat loss and keep your house’s temperature regulated during the summer. This will help you cut back on energy costs while protecting your home from bugs.

Use Ground Coffee in Entryways

Once ants get into your home, it’s difficult to get rid of them again. However, you can prevent them from coming inside in the first place with just a little bit of coffee. Instead of throwing out your coffee after your morning brew, use the coffee grounds to naturally drive away ants. Simply sprinkle the grounds by your doors and around your windows. This should be enough to stop any hungry ants from sneaking inside. If you happen to notice any rotting wood near your doors while you apply the coffee grounds, take note. You may need a termite treatment, so you should contact a professional exterminator to come out and inspect the area.

Use Fresh Fruit as a Trap

Bees won’t fly into your house if you give them something sweet to feast on. Your favorite summer fruits are loaded with sugar and will attract bees away from your house. Place some plastic bags of sliced fruit at least 20 feet from your home and areas where children or pets like to play. Bees will come to feed on the fruit and leave your home unharmed. If you have a large quantity of bees or notice a hive, make sure you contact an exterminator instead of attempting to remove it yourself. You should also steer clear of the bag during the day, and make sure it stays open while unsupervised so it doesn’t allow any bees to get trapped inside. You or someone else might be allergic, and you don’t want to get stung while you’re disposing of the mess later.

While there is a lot you can do to protect your home on your own, you should still have an exterminator check your property at least once a year for any potential infestations or pest risks. Each season and area comes with its own hazards, so it helps to be informed by a professional about your home’s unique risks.

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