The bed without storage is a good option when you are aiming for a stylish bed. It’s a furniture unit that you must have and is known due to its elegance and fuss-free design. There are many online stores selling bed without storage in Bangalore. In this article, we shall look at five amazing bed without storage in Bangalore. Read on and get enlightened.

1.Wooden Single Bed Without Storage
This product is made while considering the quality, selecting only the premium solid-wood so that you are provided with a perfect piece of furniture that matches your perfect home. The bed is made from Sheesham wood material and has a honey finish.

Its dimensions are 83L by 39W by 41H inches with a mattress size of 78L by 36W inches.

The honey finish single bed without storage has great looks making it stand out from the rest. And the best thing is that you can customize it to your preferred design and dimensions and also shape it exactly the way you want.

2.Queensize Bed Without Storage
This is a queen size bed without storage made from premium quality Sheesham Wood. It is polished with the Walnut finish making it look stunning.

This wooden double bed without storage comes with a well-crafted frame making it ideal to keep in all rooms.
It comes with a sleek design with rectangle-shaped legs giving an eye-catching point that makes it ideal for a wide range of interior styles. This piece offers the optimal utilization of your bedroom and you can customize it according to your interior décor and space.

3.Double Bed Without Storage
This bed is a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. It comes with the crisscross pattern carefully crafted. It’s a headboard that takes you back to a new era of living and adds a touch of traditionalism. This is a king-size bed with dimensions of 82L by 77.1W by 49H inches.

This double bed without storage is designed from high-quality and durable Sheesham wood. It has the option of amazing finishes like the mahogany, teak, honey, and walnut over the Sheesham wood makes this bed a lavish and lively piece.

Each piece is made from carefully chosen premium solid woods making it an ideal piece for your perfect home. The bed is customizable to the shape and design that you need.

4.Kingsize Bed Without Storage
This is a great piece of furniture majorly due to the high quality of Sheesham wood used in making it. This high-grade wooden bed without storage is a king-size bed and is very strong, sturdy and durable meaning it will serve you for many years.

It’s an outstanding double bed that offers you immense space to stretch and spread your body comfortable while sleeping. It is for a fact an ideal blend of comfort and convenience and its finesse is of world standards.
Each piece looks attractive especially when it has a walnut finish. Another beneficial aspect of this bed is the High Back Rest.

5.Stylish, Sturdy Bed Without Storage
This is a king-size bed without storage designed using Sheesham Wood and comes with a sturdy wooden frame.
This type of bed is an ideal option for a simple yet stylish bedroom. The bed has a honey finish adding to the appeal of this bed. Its dimensions are 82L by 77W by 42H inches. Having that it is made from Sheesham wood, it is strong, sturdy and durable and its mattress as dimensions of 78L by 72W inches. Every piece of this stylish bed without storage is well-crafted using only premium solid-woods, enabling you to get a piece of a perfect furniture for your perfect home. The bed is customizable to your preferred design and shape.

Final thoughts
Beds without storage are a perfect choice when looking for a stylish bed for your perfect home. Visit your preferred store today and order yours today.

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