When we say that the kitchens are the hearts of every house, we usually overlook the significant component of the kitchen- a dining table. It’s not only the place where you eat food, but it’s also the place where you spend some quality time with your family.

Be it having a candlelight dinner with your loved one, or sharing some silly jokes over the dinner with your family, having a stylish and somewhat different dining table is imperative.

One can choose a rustic looking wooden dining table, or one can even select a marble top table. No matter what the round table design ideas are, every single piece of art will add grace to your dining space.

So, let's have a look at the five best round dining table design ideas.

Triangular seats with wooden round top dining table

This particular type of dining table has a thick wooden top, either having a dark wood finish or a walnut finish. Generally, a dark finishing is preferred for it enhances the beauty of the furniture to a great extent.

Coming to the seats, they are backless. So, you will not have any support against which you can lean. Even though some people like backrest, the marvelous design of the seats overcome this deficiency.

The seats are triangular in shape, with one edge slightly bulging outwards to give a peculiar shape. Foam upholstery is attached to the seats to provide the ultimate comfort. You can quickly push in the four chairs in between the legs of the table, making it the most versatile one.

Nature’s gift with lime oak dining table

This design is what you can call as the direct descendant of nature, thanks to the sharp features of the wooden dining table and the intricate designs of the seats.

First, the dining top is carved into two steps, thus making it one of the unique designs you can ever get. Second, there is only one central pillar supporting the heavy dining top. This pillar too is made from wood and completely resembles a house pillar.

Two seats have bamboo texture in the form of chairs. But the other two are simply stools made from lime oak. The designs of the stools are different, and indeed unique.

Three sitter mid-century oak round table

This is a three-sitter round dining table with medium height. The legs of the table are made in the shape of butterfly wings, which is the main attraction of the table. They are thick enough to support the weight of the top.

The tabletop has the texture of hardwood, with all the patterns and lines made prominent. Coming to the seats, they have a slightly inclined backrest to support your back when you are relaxing on the chairs.

Just like the table, they too have medium height and are supported by legs that are placed at an angle with each other.

Upholstered seats with medieval dining table design

Here, all the four seats have high quality upholsters, which only enhance the lavish look of this round dining table design. The backrests are slightly leaned backward with the seats having thick foams to make everything relaxing and comfortable.

The table indeed has a medieval look to it. With a chestnut brown finish, it makes a stark contrast with the seats. The tabletop is made in a normal design, but what attracts the most is the stand. It has a unique design, intricately carved.

Marble round dining table with contemporary netted seats

This is what you can call an unmovable round dining table. Made from marble, the tabletop has a slight terrace cut, which makes it more amicable. The central pillar is quite thick and has sharp cuts to provide a majestic sight.

The seats, on the other hand, have a contemporary look, with netted backs and plain off-white upholsteries.


Rustic contemporary designs, modular round tables, and so on are there in the market that you can have for your home. Just make sure that the design complements your room perfectly.

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