Bedside tables are one of the most essential and yet overlooked pieces of furniture. These can be the dumping ground of the things.

Apart from this a bedside table also serve as a platform to put all your decorative items and can give an interesting touch to your bedside area.
It is important to give the finishing touch to your décor and when it comes to bed which is the focal point of your bedroom and what comes to rescue is a stylish bedside table.

Are you planning to buy a bedside table for your bedroom and wondering how will you match with your bed or existing décor? If yes, then No Worries! In this article, I have a rundown of five wooden bedside table designs which you can match with your décor.

1. All Stacked Up:- This means a lot of storage near your bedside area through bedside table. This type of bedside table is functional also and provide you enough platform to place any decorative lamp or tray or anything.
So, this style of bedside table design is like a mini chest of drawers. If you are someone who likes to read at night or who likes to write at night, then this design can be perfect for you.
A lot of varieties are available online you can see where you will get the option of two drawers and three drawers also so you can choose according to your preference.

2. Old World Necessity:- Are you someone who is more rooted in traditions or can say fall for a classic style when it comes to decorating your bedroom?
A bedside table crafted from solid wood with the animal or flower carving on it and some classic figurines on it with a vintage clock will help to bring the character in your room.

3. Open and Airy:- This type of bedside table design is for those who don’t want their bedside area to look busy and want to add only a decorative lamp and clock near their bedside area.
You can opt. For a rustic and industrial themed bedside table design to bring the charm to your bedside area. As they are the blend of metal framing with wooden planks which will make your bedside area looks more lighten and brighten.

4. Clean and Sleek:- If clean lines and minimalism are what attract you and your bedroom’s rest of the furniture is also like this only, then a bedside table with a modern design is perfect for you.
Plus, the best part with the modern bedside table design is that these give the opportunity to give an interesting touch to your décor. Just harmonium smaller addition like decorative photo frames or a beautiful clock or metallic tray will do to bring the personality to your décor.

5. Trendy, Trendy and Trendy:- Are you someone who gets obsessed over trends? Or love experimenting a lot when it comes to furniture? Then a bedside table design with contemporary detailing is for you.
In this category there is no particular design it’s just you can go with something which is currently trending. And you can give your bedside area your personal touch by decorating it with lamps or metal trays or a clock and many more things.

Conclusion:- Bed is the most functional and important piece of furniture in a bedroom. And choosing a perfect bedside table design is equally important as choosing the right bed frame for your bedroom.
A bedside table also comes with an opportunity to decorate in a way that it can be aesthetically pleasing as what you put on your bedside table is also going to affect the overall décor.
So, these were some of the designs of the bedside table, and you can call for something which can match with your décor.

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