Probably oxford dictionary should declare them as the synonym of comfort; Bedsheets are purely the best layer which comfort our body with the soft essence. This particular unit is necessary for our homes as not only it calms our body but also decorates our room with its delightful colors and patterns.

This prominent member of home decor has adopted themselves according to the requirements of people and available in various types of colors, materials, patterns, and designs.
These are responsible for changing the aura of the room with their presence and displays the personality of the user. This basic unit can be bought from nearby local shops as well as the renowned online portals. I am penning down the different types of bedsheet so that the user gets updated what version of bedsheets should be considered before he/she wants to buy bed sheets online -

Cotton Material
Cotton version of them is the most common type of version you will find among all the coequal materials. The reason behind their immense popularity is the durability and low maintenance feature. Cotton Bed Sheets are soft and comfortable which makes them breathable. The affordable range is also an essential factor for their universal popularity. Several different versions of cotton are Egyptian, Pima, Upland, Supima, and MicroCotton.

Linen Material
Linen version of them is strong and durable as these are made up of thicker fiber. The feature of thicker fiber makes them beneficial for all time use as in summers these are cool whereas in winters these are warm. This gives an advantage to consumers to avoid changing them season to season.

Silk Material
Silk bed sheets are known as a luxurious unit as these made up of silk fiber which is comparatively costlier than other counterparts. This version of the material is generally preferred by young couples for their bedroom. This smooth and robust material can outshine with its shine thus making it a flat surface for the body.

Microfiber Material
This version of bedsheet is made up of synthetic fibers which are nylon and polyester. This version is stable and feels comfortable as it is soft and helpful in retaining the body heat. These are generally preferred in the winter season and most preferred in kids bedroom as these have smooth skin prone to cold in winter season.

Bamboo Material
This version of the material is making its mark in the popular choices as it can be considered as the perfect choice because of their multi-features. These have stolen the best features from their counterparts as they are durable as cotton, silky as silk, breathable as linen. The quality of antibacterial makes them a perfect choice in the affordable range for the consumers.

Bed sheets are a member of home furnishing units. They are available in different finishes, sizes, and varieties in the market. These help us in giving a comfortable and smooth layer at the time of sleeping and also decorates the room with the colorful and bright appearance.

There are various types of bedsheets such as cotton, linen, silk, microfiber, bamboo which have their respective qualities and thus give options to the consumer to select the best among themselves according to choice and preference.

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