Are you looking for a new bed? Do you want to replace the old one? Are you confused, which one to select without storage? If yes, you need to know about the five different types of non-storage beds.

The different types of bed without storage with a dramatic look to your bedroom are discussed here. Go through with the different type of non-storage beds for your most special room:

Platform bed

These are the long-legged ones and came into existence when beds were not being used for the purpose of storage. These are still in trend. And the most interesting part of this is, these use the legs that can be easily detached. As these have long legs, it forms a strong platform by extending its support. As this type of bed is quite versatile in its nature, these fit perfectly both in the contemporary set up as well as in traditional ones.
The frame of the platform beds lacks box springs. The base of it is mainly composed of wooden slats and solid panels. This type of bed is popular in every class of people. Due to its minimalist look and simplicity, it is widely accepted. The slats those are used for supporting the mattress in a platform bed provide proper circulation of air and also helps in reduction of mildew and moulds. What else you need more? They provide comfortable access to space beneath the bed, mainly for cleaning.

Floor bed

If you want your bed, with a feel of the earth, the floor bed is the best option to choose. These are very much common in the houses of India. Though floor beds can easily be made by spreading the mattress on the floor directly,, in recent times, people are opting for floor beds instead of spreading the mattress directly. The floor beds provide safety and expediency to the adults as well as to the babies.

Due to its height, the chance of a baby falling from the bed is almost nil, similarly being a parent, you don’t have to pick your baby. Along with all these facilities, these floor beds give a bohemian look to your lovely home.
Sofa cum bed

Is your bedroom a small one? Or you have a studio apartment? If yes, the sofa cum bed is the bed option for you. These types of beds can be used in a multifunctional way. They can be used as a sofa when the bed is not in use.
Similarly, when you are ready to sleep, you can turn and fold the sofa, and use it as your bed. They are available mostly in two variants: traditional wooden ones and the foam-based ones.

Bunk bed

You have more than one child in your house, and you want a proper bed for them. A bunk bed is the only solution. This type of bed is best suitable for the children’s room. If you have a single child, you can access the lower berth for the study purpose, whereas the upper one can be used for sleeping. If you have less space in your flat, these beds are ideal for it. When you can use constraint space and even if you want your child to play around inside the room, this type of bed is all you need. Bunk beds are safe.
The upper berths are made in such a way that the frames are little larger than the ones in the bottom. If accidentally, the upper one falls, it won’t crash on the lower one. Instead, it will get stuck.

Metal bed

Metal beds are another type of non-storage beds with an affordable cost. They are light, hence can be moved from one position to the other easily. Though this type of bed won’t provide you that special charisma, like the wooden ones, but due to their lightweight, they also hold a special place.

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The bedroom is considered to be the most important and special part of your house. It initiates any type of conversations as well as it creates the centre of desirability and attraction. Different types of beds, whether storage ones or the non-storage ones always enhance a feeling of magical touch. You can select any non-storage bed from the aforementioned list based on your choice.