Your sleep pattern has a great effect on your mental as well as physical health. Having a proper and restful sleep can be energizing whereas lack of sleep can make you feel dizzy. In this era of technological development, we often struggle to have a sound sleep of even 5-6 hours every day. However, the below mentioned 5 easy tips will help you sleep better and have a positive impact on your lifestyle.

1. Keep your gadgets aside

Smartphones have become one of the biggest addictions these days. Be it a teenager or be it an adult, people from all the age groups are addicted to using smartphones. Using phones right before sleeping has become a routine for most of us. This routine isn’t healthy at all and often results in sleep deprivation.

A lot of studies and reports have suggested avoiding using smartphones right before going to bed. These electronic gadgets not only delay the sleep but harm the eyes as well.

Additionally, the drug that is responsible to make you sleep (melatonin) is suppressed due to the usage of smartphones at night. All of these reasons are more than enough for you to stop using your gadgets right before going to sleep.

2. Set a proper sleep schedule

Most of us do not have a proper schedule of sleeping and waking up. We sleep whenever we feel sleepy and we wake up as per the next day’s routine. This irregular sleep pattern eventually makes us sleep-deprived. Additionally, if you do not have a proper schedule for sleeping, it’d become harder for you to fall asleep in the long run.

In order to avoid falling to the prey of sleep disorders, have a proper schedule of sleeping and waking up. Sleep at a particular time and wake up at a particular time as well. If you follow this routine properly, you’ll automatically fall asleep at a particular time every day.

3. Stop worrying, Start sleeping

Most people when go to their bed at night start thinking about all the problems taking place in their life. However, it isn’t a good idea at all. This habit will delay your sleep and will make it even harder for you to fall asleep.

It is advisable to take out 15 minutes in the day time or evening for addressing all your problems. Once you go to bed, you shouldn’t be worrying or taking the stress. So, stop worrying and start sleeping for a good mental and physical health as well as an overall good lifestyle.

4. Limit the use of caffeine

As good of stimulant caffeine is, its regular intake can be equally unhealthy. Caffeine helps you stay awake and focused but has a negative impact on your sleep in the long run. In order to start having a sound sleep, you should limit the intake of caffeine in your everyday diet.

The very first step to limit its intake is to recognize the amount and source caffeine is taken by you every day. Once you’ve recognized the sources, start having them less and eventually eradicate from the diet.

5. Have a light meal before going to sleep

Dinner should be light and free from any oily or fatty foods. Most of us have known it since we were kids but we fail to follow it. Make sure to eat the right quality and amount of food before going to sleep.

Additionally, after having your dinner, go for a little walk in order to have proper digestion of the food you’ve eaten. If you find it difficult to follow, start noting the number of calories you take every night and the amount that should be taken. Having a light dinner will not only be good for your sleep but will also improve your digestion system.


We understand that sleep deprivation is a big problem and that is the reason we’ve mentioned 5 tips to follow for proper sleep. The above-mentioned tips are extremely easy to follow and anyone with little dedication can follow them on a regular basis.

However, if you still can’t sleep, you may consult a doctor and perhaps get a Zopiclone tablet prescription. Feel free to comment below any of your sleep-related problems and we’ll try to cover them up in the upcoming articles.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.