Technology has become the lifeblood of most modern businesses, so you might as well learn to adapt. To that end, you will benefit from a little bit of tech education, which we hope to provide here. Since this is a short one, let's not waste any time. Here are the five essential tech items that any successful business will need.

1. A Virtual Private Network

With new technology come new dangers, and the internet is one of the world's best examples of that fact. Data breaches can end up costing you millions in ransoms, lawsuits, or fines. Further, the damage to your company's reputation can be incalculable. We might mention the Uber hack of 2016, which basically ruined that company's standing in the eyes of the public. Other companies have jumped into the void, leaving Uber in a very bad position from which they have never fully recovered. A VPN creates a private tunnel between you and the internet, allowing only approved websites to link up. The walls of this "tunnel" consist of encrypted data, which has been scrambled to prevent anyone from reading its content. To break this encryption, the attacker would have to remain connected to the network for a very long time, greatly increasing their chances of detection.

2. Social Media Management Software

One of the biggest ways in which technology has changed society can be seen in social media. It has, in effect, become the new public square. You need to make sure that you are visible in that public square. To do this, companies will hire teams of social media experts to manage their accounts and interact with customers. There are specialized software tools that can optimize this process, allowing your team to do their job more efficiently. These tools will allow for things like scheduled posting, quick replies, and 24-7 monitoring.

3. Video Conferencing Options

Remote work is a part of most businesses, and you want to make sure that it is done properly. It is definitely not realistic to assume that everyone has to be in the same room to work together. You can use the telephone to stay connected with other team members and managers, but it is far more effective to use a video conferencing app. There are many options out there, but we recommend that you evaluate them based on their ease of use. Not everyone is good with computers, but everyone needs to be able to use the service when required.

4. A Cloud Storage Plan

In the old days, large companies would have to keep entire buildings full of file cabinets. As your company keeps doing business over time, these records can build up to a point where they become unmanageable. To prevent this, we recommend that you use a good cloud storage provider. Because of the issues mentioned earlier, we would strongly recommend that you use an endpoint security cloud, as they are known to be the most reliable. Cloud providers that don't offer high-security options should probably be avoided. Endpoint protection is probably the most important part of any network security plan. The term "endpoint" refers to the machines that will be used to access the network. Thus, your laptop, desktop, or mobile device is your personal "endpoint." Because the networks themselves are usually encrypted to some degree, these endpoints represent the most vulnerable parts of the network. Without endpoint protection, most network encryption can be circumvented.

5. Human Resources Management Software

Your HR department is one of your most important, so it pays to give them some specialized tools. They are responsible for hiring, training, communication, and payroll among other tasks. You might be happy to hear that there are many software programs that are specifically intended for this kind of job. These will allow your HR team to access relevant records from any device at any time. When evaluating software of this type, usability is important. However, it is not the primary concern. The most important part to consider is whether or not this software has the scale and efficiency to deal with your entire workforce. Scalability is very important, as your business is likely to grow over time. To further evaluate your chosen software, ask yourself if it can do the following things:

  • Manage all employee pay and benefits in a transparent way
  • Keep track of all current job applicants
  • Quickly plan schedules and shifts
  • Track performance records and other analytics
  • Provide a system for online training

By investing in this technology for your business, you will be able to continue to elevate your company. It is important to stay up to date with technological advances in order to be competitive in your chosen industry.

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