Before getting to the tips, it is essential to find joy in the fact that you have identified your problem. You have realized that something has taken control over your body and that it needs to go. The addictive substance has been affecting your life in every single way, and you have decided to learn to live without it.

You already have gotten through the first step, now you need to follow these incredibly important tips to get better.

Identify Your Triggers

Many addicts usually start to take their substance after something happens. It may be a fight with someone, a memory of someone no longer there, seeing a particular person, or something else. These things are called triggers, as they are the reason why the addict reaches for their poison.

You might not realize it, but there is a very good chance that you have a trigger as well. It would be best to identify it as soon as possible, so you can fight it when it next happens.

Find Motivation to Stay Sober

You are thinking about getting better, so there is obviously something acting as a motivation.

Tear a paper out of a spare book and write the title ‘My Motivations for Staying Sober’ and then start thinking about everything that motivates you to get better. It may be family, career, or anything else.

You can then make copies of it and put it around your house, in your wallet, in your workplace, and on the meter of your car, among other places. Whenever you think about taking your poison, look at the list and remember why you’re getting better.

Avoid Cross- Addiction

When many addicts are trying to cut back on their poison, they often get addicted to something else instead. They do this because it is often easier to replace the addiction rather than overcoming it. This is called a cross-addiction.

You need to be very careful and avoid cross-addiction. Unless you are getting used to exercising or being healthy, then keep on going.

Work On Your Health

When taking various drugs or alcohol, you might have stopped eating nutritious foods. It could be either because all your time and money was going towards the substances. That is why you immediately need to start consuming nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy diet. If possible, get supplements to fill your daily requirements.

You also need to get regular exercise to stay fit.

Understand That It Might Not Be Possible To Do It Alone

Even though you might be convinced that it’s possible to do it by yourself, it would be best to understand how challenging the process actually is.

Many addicts have tried to detoxify themselves, and they ended up in hospitals or worse. You can join a rehab center and get the best addiction treatment possible.

Getting into an inpatient treatment center is much better than outpatient as they provide around the clock care. You can look into rehabilitation treatment centers to see which one offers programs best suited to your needs.

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