Since the placement season is upon them, final year students in all the colleges in Pune or elsewhere are preparing for interviews. All their hard work over the duration of 4 years will put to the test when they face the interviewer.

However, students enter these interviews nervousness. They don’t know what to expect from the interviewer; whether they will be grilled or will be a smooth flowing interview. All of a sudden, they are uncomfortable answering even the basic of questions.

If you are one of those students, this article is for you. Here’s a list of 5 frequently asked interview questions engineers should prepare for.

1. Have you been looking for a job?

The first question in most of your interviews will be whether you are looking for a job. Since you are unemployed at this stage, they want to check whether you are looking for a job out of desperation or whether you believe in your abilities and think you are the right fit for the job. To create a good impression, convince the interviewer about the latter, with what your plans for your career are. However, ensure that your answer aligns with the organization.

2. How passionate are you about Engineering?

Here, the interviewer wants to check whether you want to continue your career in engineering or switch to a different field. You can answer this question by informing them about your projects and achievements in your course so far, and how it has only motivated you further to continue in Engineering.

3. What are the traits of a successful engineer?

By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to ascertain your character and whether you have what it takes to work in their company. You could choose 3-4 traits that you possess that will help the organization. You can talk about your accomplishment and the compliments your peers gave you during the course.

4. What kind of problems did you solve in your last group project?

Here, your problem-solving approach is put to test. Answer this question with all honesty. If you try to be clever but fail to back it up with a proper answer, you could be in trouble. The interviewer isn’t looking for something extraordinary. Your approach to challenges is what matters to them.

5. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

The interviewer wants to see whether you are a long term person for the company or not. Companies readily don’t invest in short term employees. The perfect answer here would be to progress within the company through your work and the opportunities handed to you.

And with that, you have your frequently asked interview questions list. Remember to be as confident and honest as possible. In case you are looking to do your M.Tech straight after graduation, do check out the best M.Tech colleges in Pune and elsewhere. All the best!

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