Eating a healthy, sustainable diet can benefit you in many ways. Eating more of the right foods and limiting the foods that aren’t as healthy and committing to this way of eating can help you adopt better food habits for the long term. Here are five great ways to make your diet healthier and more sustainable.

Consume More Fiber

Eating nutritious foods that are rich in fiber can keep you feeling fuller for longer so that you won’t be as tempted to snack on unhealthy treats. Celery is one of the best high-fiber foods that contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, and you can snack on a celery stalk whenever you feel hungry in between meals. Other good sources of fiber include green peas, raspberries and whole-wheat pasta.

Eat Less Red Meat

Red meat can provide your body with many vitamins and nutrients that are essential for optimal health, but eating too much of it can be bad for you. Heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer are just a few of the health problems that are linked to high red meat consumption. According to the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, it’s best to limit red meat consumption to around three portions per week.

Add in More Seafood

The meat from salmon, shellfish, and other types of seafood is better for you than other types of meat. Many types of seafood are known to contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium along with vitamins A, B, and D. You can also find tuna recipes that may help inspire you to prepare more seafood dishes for yourself and your family.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing many of your own fruits and vegetables can give you a sustainable and healthier food source. Carrots, tomatoes and strawberries can all be grown in a home garden. It’s also possible to grow certain types of herbs and beans in containers that can be kept inside your home.

Reduce Food Waste

Wasted food that ends up in landfills can be more detrimental to the environment. A lot of the food that gets wasted is also not always the healthiest, and choosing foods with higher nutritional value may help you reduce your food waste. If you choose to discard any food, consider getting a composter that can turn your food waste into soil fertilizer for your yard.

It’s possible to eat a diet with greater sustenance and nutritional value if you make the right changes. When you eat a healthy and sustainable diet regularly, you’ll be able to greatly enhance your lifestyle.

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