When it comes to moving offices, things are pretty different from moving homes. Office removal involves removing a much greater number of furniture and fittings, electronic gadgets and apparel, and other stuff and thus, needs a high degree of experience and expertise.

Therefore, before hiring packers and movers in Melbourne for office removal, you need to ask a few extremely pertinent questions.

How long has the company been in this business? 

As you know, moving an office needs quite a bit of perfection to make sure the move is smooth and seamless. That is the reason, it is important that the company you put your stakes on must be experienced enough to carry out the move in a perfect manner. It must have enough experience to deal with the complicacy of office removal. Therefore, you must know how experienced the company is in moving offices. Ask how long the company has been in this business and in possible, try to interact with its previous customers to get a first-hand impression of the quality of service you should expect from them. 

Are they accredited?

This is another important question that you need to ask. You must make sure that the company you are eyeing on, is accredited. If so, the company is registered and is licenced to carry out moving services. It has a two-pronged advantage – one, the company is a genuine one, and two, the company is registered and hence, is liable to be covered by insurance schemes, which is a MUST in moves. It will save you from financial blues in the event of any mishap or damage to your assets during the move. 

What protection will the company be providing for your assets? 

When you are moving your office, it involves the relocation of a wide range of stuff – big and small, electronic gadgets and machinery – stubborn and sensitive, furniture and fittings, cabinetry of various sizes, dimensions, and shapes. Each of these assets demands exclusive packaging and a way of handling during the move to be safe and secured. Thus, it is your call to ask the removalist the type of packaging they will be arranging for the assets and extent & type of protection they will be provided to ensure safety and security.

Have they got any experience in handling servers, computers, or other network hardware?

Office removal nowadays needs moving servers, numbers of computer systems and a large variety of networking hardware. Now, this, to say the least, is not anybody's job. The office removalists in Melbourne that you have hired must be highly experienced in tackling these gadgets and moving them. They must have the experience of doing a similar type of moves much time before and must have the record of doing so with flying colours.

Will the Company reassemble office furniture following the move? 

 Do not let this question get back to the backbench in the crowd of other apparently-more important queries. Remember, this is another crucial question you must get the answer to. Some movers would reassemble the furniture after the move, and some others will not. Hence, it is your call to get an answer to this question, for you cannot afford to hire another company to reassemble your assets after the move or do it yourself.

So you see, you must go ahead with the hiring of the office movers in Melbourne only after you have got credible answers to these questions. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is one of the most reputed office removalists in Melbourne. He is also an avid blogger who writes on packers and movers.