Undoubtedly, it is wholly a new era of logo trends this year. Here, we are sharing a few of them making a significant impact in the industry.


Vintage logo designs are coming up with a wholly new face in 2017. The many reasons for the precise same are that the unpleasant result it provides and connects to all the reminiscences of past year. This sort of style also conveys a sense of royalty, quality and trust. Even supposing they are not as slick because of the different designs however they positively surpass in their job with regard to catching the clients' attention to the brand. Yes! This style hits the emotional quotient.

Mono Lines or Line Art:

The year 2017 is undergoing an amalgam online design notion of brand planning and also the revolutionary thinking of recent era designers. Of these are straightforward styles mistreatment one line that is usually attended with an image design. Line art brand planning has recently been loved within the custom logo design company since its set back and simple. The planning involves a lineup with unchanging depth and goes on sort of a twisted cable that if analyzed deeply provides a crisp, clean and cleaner look. The design attracts an awfully clear distinction line between the two commonplace coloured logos and mono lines.

Tricks of Typography:

Typography tricks are not normal, however perpetually in trend as a result of the intelligent rendition of an identity that does not draw attention to itself.
Designers wish to integrate little visual tricks and double messages from however that they style their logos, just like the use of a negative house in FedEx.
Also, lately, a variety of various designers have ventured for good typography to symbolize their individuality.

Handmade, Hand Written, Hand Drawn:

There are many logo designs that connect the brand alongside the consumer for an intimate level. Even supposing it is a bit exhausting to interpret the handmade style to the digital media however with the expansion of scanners, light-weight pens and vector following those problems are currently a factor of the past.

This kind of brand coming up with provides a private bit, heat and quality. These are the styles that are greatly famous in the food sector like some coffee shops and restaurants. The aesthetics of this brand keeps you tender, rested and provides you with personal attention. In addition, it's essential to think about the typography during this specific style as custom-made fonts are valuable assets to the planning market.


As mentioned by designer Leonardo da Vinci -- "Simplicity is that the ultimate sophistication", it is the majority of the instances the best of the logo designs that grab the eye of the shopper, in simple words, it helps to drives the web traffic towards your own brand. The most reason for, being the foremost difficult, is that minimalist logo designs are very sensible and in mere the precise same time they are purpose driven. These logo designs communicate the message in an exceedingly right manner.

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