Myopic views can cloud your vision, so it is always better to clear the facts before following the myths blindly. Most of the people firmly believe in the benefits of coconut oil while there are others who are apprehensive about the goodness it brings. Debunked here are the top 5 myths prevalent about the advantages of coconut oil.

Myth 1: As it is immensely rich in saturated fats, coconut oil is responsible for raising the cholesterol levels and hence elevates the risk of heart attacks.

Fact: There is a common notion that cholesterol means bad cholesterol, but most of the people are not aware of the fact that there are two types of cholesterol. Good cholesterol or High Density Lipoproteins are highly beneficial for your health and the regular consumption of the coconut oil raises the good cholesterol and lowers down the bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoproteins) that blocks the arteries.

Myth 2: Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats that increases the body weight and makes you obese.

Fact: Contrary to this, the medium chain fatty acids present in the coconut oil increases the metabolic rate, which leads to the higher consumption of energy as the result of which your body burns more fats and you begin to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Myth 3: Coconut oil irritates your skin.

Fact: However, the truth is just opposite. This oil is one of the soothing oils for the skin. The presence of dust or unwanted particles in the oil can cause skin irritation, but this happens in the rarest cases. The oil is antimicrobial and helps fight allergies, sun burn etc.

Myth 4: Being sweet the oil is not recommended for diabetics.

Fact: This oil is made from fats only and does not contain any glucose so it is absolutely safe for diabetics. As per a recent research, this oil promotes the secretion of insulin in the pancreas, thus it helps control diabetes and should be taken by the people with high sugar levels.

Myth 5: The oil is thick and hence it could not be absorbed easily.

Fact: Just because it gets condensed in the winter and become solid people think that it cannot be absorbed easily. But as a matter of the fact, coconut oil is non sticky, which is considered to be one of the benefits of coconut oil. It gets readily absorbed and hence it is perfect for massaging.

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