Outlook is the third most popular email client behind Apple iPhone and Gmail. Developed by Microsoft Corporation, it has been used by businesses for almost two decades. Home users also utilize Outlook for their email messaging needs.

The most recent release of Outlook is the 2019 version which provides a few more features to make it easier to use. These new features make email hassle-free to manipulate and work with.

Here we will discuss the new features of Outlook 2019 -- just some of the things to look forward to. Let’s get started.

The New Features of Outlook 2019

Focused Inbox

This feature categorizes your Inbox folder into two different tabs, Focused and Other. The said tabs can be found at the top of the list of messages. Outlook 2019 tries to sort your messages into these two divisions with the Focused tab containing important emails and the Other tab containing the less significant ones.

This useful feature allows you to go through the clutter of commercial email messages and other types of promotions. In order to activate or deactivate it, you simply have to go to “View” and select “Focused Inbox.”


If you want to get the attention of a person in your email message, you can simply type the “@” symbol and then select their name from the list that appears. This can be done in the body of the email message.

When you mention a person, their name will be highlighted within the message body and Outlook 2019 will add them to the list of email recipients automatically. The person mentioned will also notice the “@” symbol right next to the corresponding message within their Inbox.

Read Aloud

In Outlook 2019, the Read Aloud feature allows you to hear your messages by having the email client read it out to you. It’s very useful if you want to multitask -- do something important while you have Outlook read the message to you.

To use this new feature, simply choose a message and then press “Home.” After this, click “Read Aloud” and ensure that your volume isn’t muted. If the “Read Aloud” button can be seen within the “Home” tab, this means it is activated on your Outlook software. If it isn’t, then choose “File” and go to “Options.” After this select “Ease of Access” and check the box labeled “Show Read Aloud” found under “Application Display Options.” Finally, press “OK.”

Adding Multiple Time Zones

Scheduling meetings with persons from other time zones? Outlook 2019 makes it easy for you without the need to calculate the time shifts using your head. You can simply add up to three different time zones on your calendar.

To do this simply choose “File” and then select “Options.” Go to “Calendar” and visit the section labeled “Time Zones.” You can select “Show A Second Time Zone” or “Show A Third Time Zone,” if necessary. This can be very useful when you want to label each as a particular location, client, or branch office, for instance.

Flexible Reminders

Typically, Outlook doesn’t overlay its notifications on top of apps that run in the foreground. However, this can be changed in the 2019 version. You have more flexibility over what reminders to show.

For instance, you can set it up to show the reminders over other programs or apps. To do this, visit “File” and then go to “Options.” Then, click “Advanced” and visit the “Reminders” section. Tick the checkbox labeled “Show Reminders on Top of Other Windows” and then press “OK.”

If you have a very important meeting, then this can come in handy. The notification will pop-up immediately over other applications and you’ll have your reminder to save the day. A more subtle alternative would be Outlook flashing within the taskbar to catch your attention.

Other New Features Worth Noting

The five features above are our top picks when it comes to new features. However comprehensive MS Outlook training won’t disregard other notable features such as the following:

Automatically Mark Deleted Messages as Read

Sometimes you delete messages you haven’t read, especially if it’s obvious that the message is an advertisement. The trouble with this is you get a pool of unread, deleted messages in your folder for Deleted Items.

One new feature of Outlook 2019 is the ability to automatically mark deleted messages as read. In order to set this up, simply select “File” and then click “Options.” Then, choose “Mail” and scroll towards the lower part of the interface. Visit the “Other” section and then mark the checkbox labelled “Mark Messages as Read When Deleted.”

Payment Reminders

This new feature in Outlook 2019 will remind you of bill payments. The information will be displayed in Outlook including a summary card at the top of the message (e.g., package deliveries and travel reservations).

The details of the bill will be retrieved from invoices you receive in your email account. Outlook 2019 will display a summary and add a calendar event for that bill for its due date. Account owners also have the option to set the reminder beforehand to make sure payment is made on time.

Easy Sorting of Emails

If you don’t want to use Focused Inbox, you can simply sort your email messages instead. For instance, you can opt to view only unread messages in your Inbox. Various sorting options are also back in Outlook 2019. You can sort with the newest messages on top or the oldest ones on top, whichever you prefer.

Create Groups

Another new feature of Outlook 2019 is the ability to form a group and collaborate with others. Simply invite other people to join a particular group through a URL or an embedded link within an email. These groups you create provide a platform for discussion of topics with colleagues or like-minded people.

To Wrap It All Up

The latest release of Outlook is committed to providing software that simplifies email management, improves collaboration, and enhances productivity. The new features tackle various issues such as notifications, reminders, and email management. Outlook remains a huge contender in the world of email clients and will continue to roll out exciting features in newer versions of its application.

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