Poster beds were part of the royalties of the earlier times. But, nowadays, this furniture unit looks lavish and usually found in the luxury rooms or suites of big hotels.

A poster bed is of a bigger size than a normal single bed, generally, these are Queen or a King size bed. These beds are available in beautiful designs. There are various types of these beds, with different types of designer posts.

Poster beds are available in a number of designs and styles suited for the room decors of almost all sorts. There are Rusty designs, canopy styles, pencil post beds etc.

You can also use some DIY ideas to make these units more appealing and beautiful. These units are now ruling in the different style of home interiors.

In the following points, I have described, why a poster bed is worth a buy!

Take a look.

Dreamland for Sound Sleep:

A poster bed, with the curtains hanging down on all the sides and its available spaciousness, creates a scenario that gives you a way to remove all your stresses and worries of the day and drowns into those clouds of blankets that take you to that relaxing and awe-inspiring dreamland.

Your Private Oasis:

A poster bed has four posts that support another wooden frame, from which curtains can be hung down to create a private place for sleeping, undisturbed and away from the disturbing world outside.

Maybe other members of your family need to use other facilities, meanwhile, if you want to sleep then you can drape curtains around poster bed and sleep peacefully.

Available for All Interiors

The modern market has come up with designs of these furniture units available for room interiors of almost all sorts.
Whether you have an ethnic or traditional interior or your home decor speaks the style of modern times, you can have a poster bed, well suited for your bedroom.
The bigger king size four poster beds look adorable in large and spacious rooms.

Can Fit in A Room of Any Size

There are models of these beds available in the market that can fit any room size. People think that a poster bed is a big and bulky bed and therefore it can’t be fitted in small rooms. But that thinking has been proven wrong with the compact sized poster beds available in the market for small rooms as well.
A Queen size four poster bed can be a good choice for small sized rooms.

Keeps the Bed Warm:

The poster beds were designed in the colder parts of the world, basically to provide a warm place for sleeping. The curtains hung from the posts help keep the heat locked within the bed area.

If you live in a colder part of the world, poster beds can prove to be a good sleeping bed for you, providing a warm area for sleeping.
You can choose curtains which are thicker and provide good insulation that keeps the heat locked inside the four poster bed area.

A Lavish Furniture Unit:

These furniture units used to adorn the royal abodes of the medieval times and therefore it was designed according to those royal interiors.

The designs of these days available in the market have maintained the same regal designs to this day and have modified them according to the room decors of contemporary times. These furniture units exude a rich ambience into the surrounding room decor.


From the queen to the king, the poster beds are designed in different designs, that belong to the traditional styles of the ancient royalties. This unit of furniture looks royal and also gives the rich appeal to the interiors of your abode.

The curtains hung from the top panel of the bed, keep the bed warm and allows a private place for sleeping. Also, it creates a wonderful and comfortable place conducive to having a cosy and comfortable sleep.

These beds can be fitted in any room in the house, whether big or small. The poster beds are worth buying, as mentioned in the above aspects.

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