Little do many people know a general dentist is different from an orthodontist. Agree, a dentist also provides orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign and braces. However, having an orthodontist working by your side to help you get the best smile, in the best option.

Dentists and orthodontists may share multiple similarities; both of them have a dental medicine degree and both learn same dental treatments such as cleaning teeth, removing cavities, etc., but the only (and worth-noting) difference that persists is their specialization.

How are Orthodontics Different From Doctors?

The orthodontists, along with their General Dental Degree, have to complete their 3 years of full-time, specialized training in orthodontic care, bio and biomechanics, and facial growth and development. It is same as a dermatologist or skin doctor, who starts as a medical doctor and then completes 6 years of specialized education and training to earn an MB ChB degree. Unlike dentists, an orthodontist specializes in treatments related to teeth alignment, bad bite, crooked teeth, poorly aligned teeth, etc.

Why Should You Choose Orthodontists Over Dentists?

Discussed here are some of the best reasons to consult an orthodontist rather than a dentist.

1. They have specialized training:

You trust cardiologist with your heart, orthopedist with your bones, and dermatologist with your skin. Similarly, orthodontists must be trusted with the orthodontics related problems. They easily handle the complex cases that are beyond the expertise of a dentist. Make sure your potential orthodontist has proper certifications and license for providing the services.

2. They have relevant experience

Since orthodontists are specialized in treating bad bites and crooked teeth, in short making your smile more beautiful, these professionals have more relevant experience. Let’s say if a dentist and an orthodontist started their practices together and treated 100 patients in a month, then the orthodontist would have treated all patients with problems like maligned teeth, facial development, or bad bites, whereas the dentist would have carried out a variety of treatments related to oral care. This gives the orthodontists an upper hand over the dentist when it comes to orthodontic issues.

3. They can propose the right treatment

The orthodontists have knowledge and experience of working with all available options for a particular issue. Their experience helps them to suggest the right orthodontic treatments for even the most complex issues encountered by their patients. Dentists may have a lot of experience of working in their field, yet their experience cannot complete the three years of training that orthodontists get.

4. They have options for our convenience

These days, customer convenience is the king. Which is why the orthodontics treatments are being designed and molded to suit the lifestyle of customers. It has gone far and beyond those tradition treatments and gears like hefty metal braces and headgears, causing nuisance, discomfort, and embarrassment.

Even though braces are still effective for alignment of the teeth, but the modern orthodontic treatments are more inclined towards the use of clear braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces for the purpose. These gears ensure a beautiful smile and minimal discomfort.

5. They are the best option for kids

Orthodontic problems, when left untreated at an early age, can be less of a pain. It has also been said that the youngers with bad bites or maligned teeth should consult an orthodontist at 7 to 8 years of their age. Besides orthodontists are well skilled and properly trained to determine the orthodontics issues at a very young age, even if the signs are unnoticeable. They can suggest proper treatment for the issues to avoid potential issues.

Finding the right orthodontist

Orthodontists charge a fair amount for their services; therefore, it is important to hire the right professional so that you can end up paying what you are going to get. It is advised to look for the online reviews by patients. As stated in the Ibis World’s report, the orthodontist industry has been developed by 1.5 percent over the last 5 years, and the revenue the industry will generate in 2019 is estimated to be $12bn.

No matter how important orthodontist are, but they can never replace the dentist—nor the other way round. They can co-exist; regular dental visits are important for a healthy smile, but when the issue is related to teeth abnormalities or bad bites, it’s better to get treatment from an orthodontist.

Last but not the least, your smile matters and thus choosing a reliable orthodontist should never be taken lightly. Always do research before deciding an orthodontist for you. Be open to second opinions and recommendations. Also, when consulting a professional, inquire about the practices they are going to implement and the number of years they have been treating patients.

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