The Craze for gaming is increasing day by day. Today, people are migrating towards game streaming that has even increased the craze for games. But here comes a big confusion as which one is the best platform to play i.e. Gaming Console, Mobile Device or PC?

The era of gaming with High Definition screen resolution started with the upgradation of video games which were used to be the ruler decades ago.

So, let’s dive into the pool of console gaming and find out why they are still the wise option to purchase.

Simplest Way of Gaming: You can’t deny the fact that in comparison to mobile devices as well as computers, the gaming console is the simplest way to play versatile games. There are numerous games that you can play on the console without mugging up the whole process. All you need is to start the console and enjoy the game. Whereas in other gaming platforms, you need to install the game in your local drive and then play it.

Play Exclusive Games: Most of the time, you would find that the high-end games are first released for gaming consoles which are afterward transformed into mobile apps and desktop setup package. Hence if you own a console, you have the power to play it just after its launching in the market. The PC and mobile players need to wait until its app version is released by the developers.

HD Gaming Experience: This is the biggest factor that is driving the game lovers more towards gaming console. Playing any game on the console gives you a wide display that adds more to your gaming experience. But this is not anyhow possible in mobile devices. However, in terms of PC, a wide display is being considered to play games and achieve the same gaming experience, but still, the quality is not up to the mark.

Integration of Virtual Reality: The world of virtual reality has already arrived at our doorsteps. Many of you have even experienced it to the fullest. The gaming consoles are also getting upgraded with the integration of virtual reality into it. Now it has become possible to play with the motion of your body. However, all these traits are not available in mobile or desktop gaming platforms.

Cloud-Based Gaming: What if you can play the game without installing it onto the system and enjoy its live streaming with multi-player option? Well, there are some tech giants who have already introduced their beta gaming consoles. Recently Google comes up with Google Stadia that has totally transformed the way you use the console to play games. It has now made it possible to play wirelessly onto any display you want, along with your friends in the same game. This feature is not present in mobile as well as a desktop platform.

So, if you think that a mobile or desktop gaming environment is really going to change the world and will rule the gaming market, it’s not true at all. Till they overcome the traits of gaming console and provide much better features, the console will remain the first and utmost preference for the gaming lovers.

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