Unicorn dating is not for everyone; for couples who are willing to set some rules and follow them. This is a great way to make sure things don't get out of control during a threesome. When setting up a group of unicorn threesome, the following are the five rules:

1. Fantasy
Fantasy prepares you for reality. Through it, one can make the other side of the craziest fantasy he / she wants to experience. This can greatly increase your appetite when actually having sex. It's best to invite your partner and fantasize before inviting a third unicorn woman. This will get you and your partner excited about a true unicorn dating experience.

2. Appreciate each other
After entering the intimate threesome, discuss its status and give due attention to it. Also, you can express your disappointment, but speak up in a positive manner to avoid sounding selfish. From here you can agree when to have such an experience again.

There are many rules that couples can set before entering the triad system. However, these rules should not be too strict to make the whole thing annoying. Also, set rules that everyone can follow, and don’t be selfish just to suit your rules.

3. Looking forward to miracles
Some couples are addicted to unicorn dating and expect a sexual miracle in entertainment. Trust me; couple looking for unicorn is likely to be what you and your partner have experienced. However, this does not mean that it will be boring. Let go of the triad to avoid frustration, especially when the triad is first introduced. From the experience of the threesome, you can borrow some techniques to improve your sexual life with your partner.

4. Agree who will host the threesome
After agreeing to your sexual health and protection, discuss who will be the owner of the threesome. This is so that the partner can make the necessary preparations for the host and create a good atmosphere for the threesome. It also helps to avoid any inconvenience in terms of interference from others, such as visitors on the day.

5. Establish borders
Before making a group of three, make sure the borders are set. This is to ensure that all parties are comfortable and safe to perform operations and restrictions. Give everyone a chance to express their interest, while announcing the shutdown in the threesome.

In addition, the safety of unicorn dating should not be forgotten. Agree to use protective measures in sex, or if testing for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS is needed, and everyone is clean, you can decide to eat raw; it is even more erotic and sweet.

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