This article will explain how the signs law of attraction is working or not.

Can you improve your results without tracking if it's working or not?

The short answer is yes.

The intitial signs manifestation is near and if the law of attraction is working for you are:

1. Thinking about someone and then seeing them or receiving a phone call from them:

signs thinking-about-someone--receiving-phone-call
It's definitively a sign that the law of attraction is working:

2. Increased synchronicity with the numbers 111 or 11:11
Did you know that 111 or 11:11 are considered a major sign that you’re being heard?

According to numerology experts, 111, 1111 and 11:11 are called “Angel numbers” and they are said to indicate that all things are working in your favor.

3. Increased Synchronicity:

Signs Increased Synchronicity lucky coincidence
More commonly called “lucky coincidence”.

One of the clearest signs that the law of attraction is working in service to your dream is an increase in synchronicity.

And they take form in various ways.

For example, you might meet just the right person who could be a big catalyst to whatever you’re seeking to manifest.

Or a friend might insist you join them for dinner on a night you would never consider going out and on that particular night, at that restaurant you end up meeting the one person who will change your life in a very significant way.

4. Unexpected income and finding money:

You are a rich child of a rich universe.

Your true nature is lavish abundance as I like to say and it is only through conditioned beliefs that you continue to block your prosperity.

The more you relax and trust, the more lavish abundance will begin to flow into your experience.

When you are working on raising your money consciousness, an early sign from the universe that financial freedom is now at hand will oftentimes begin with small baby steps such as finding money in an old purse or wallet.

Finding money on the street or in the gym or some other unusual place.

5. Seeing Rainbows

There are countless stories told by people from all over the world on the magic that showed up when a rainbow was spotted.

From the meeting of soul mates, the manifestation of dream jobs and even healing miracles.

Regardless of your beliefs around rainbows, there’s no denying just looking at the beauty and “fairytale-like magic” always shifts something inside out.

And that alone could be the one shift that tips the scale in your life that day to bring about your breakthrough.

So the next time you see a rainbow, know that the universe did it on purpose for you – to remind you that magic is with you now – just believe.

While you might think that it's obvious if it's working or not, observe that the process is more subtle than you think it is.

If you’re waiting for signs your manifestation is close, look out for the following nine reassuring signs that the law is working.

Thinking about someone and then seeing them or receiving a phone call from them:
Increased synchronicity with the numbers 111 or 11:11
Increased Synchronicity:
Music – more specifically, your favorite song or a song that directly speaks about your current desire pops up on the radio:
Unexpected income and finding money:
Symbolic signs with a personal intimate meaning for you:
Bodily sensations especially a ringing sensation in your ears:
Animals that you naturally connect with visiting you or standing on your way:
Seeing Rainbows


This article has explained 5 signs law of attraction is working.

So it isn’t a matter of doubting whether this law is working.

Rather it’s about learning to align yourself with the right frequency.

This will enable the law of attraction to bring to you exactly what you want.

Therefore our main aim in today’s lesson on the law of attraction is to help you shift your focus in the direction so you can be on the lookout for signs that help you know that this law is working positively in service to your dreams, not against them.

What signs of manifestation law of attraction and symbols help you know that the law of attraction is working for you?

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Petri Maatta is the founder of DreamMaker, whose mission is to share empowering knowledge and skills, for becoming the person you want to be so you can live the life you want