Final year students from engineering colleges in Pune gear up for placements at this time of the year. Everything that they have achieved so far has led them to the much sought job interview. Students try to make their resumes as well as possible while revising everything they have learned so far to sound smart in the interview. Amidst all the resume applications and preparation for interviews, students often neglect the interviewer’s perspective.

What skills are they looking for? Do the skills on your resume fit their criteria? How crucial is your body language? These are some of the interviewer’s questions that students don’t take into consideration. It is because they are so highly invested in presenting themselves well that the other factors don’t cross their minds. Well, it should.

If you are an engineering student about to give an interview, here are the 5 skills that you need to confidently portray in order to get hired.

1. Aptitude

Aptitude tests are conducted to test your problem-solving approach in a given amount of time. Since the problem will be similar to a workplace challenge, students are expected to be ingenious in their approach.

The correct way of approaching the aptitude test is to be yourself and apply whatever you have learned so far.

2. Attitude

It is important to approach the job interview with a positive mindset. The interviewer will be looking at how confidently you answer the questions. The interviewer will also be looking at your other traits like leadership qualities, team-work, willingness to learn new things, presentation skills etc.

3. Technical skills

Companies look to hire candidates who are competent in programming languages like C, C++, SQL, Java, etc. Thus, your technical skills in these languages will be tested during the interview.

Your final year projects can showcase your technical aptitude to the interviewer.

4. Communication skills

During the interview, your communication skills will be judged on the basis of the interaction with your interviewer. Recruiters want those employees who can interact with the other members of the company beyond their desk or cubicle. This helps during team meetings, brainstorming ideas, presentations etc. In case you have to interact with the client, the company expects you to not shy away from that responsibility.

5. Enthusiasm and motivation

The interviewer expects you to have a basic knowledge about the company and how it functions. This shows them that you have cared enough to research about their company as you are genuinely interested in joining them. This enthusiasm and motivation, combined with your commitment to the company’s cause, will ensure that you will have a successful interview.

These are the skills that will help you impress the interviewer. You have already worked hard to join one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra. Securing a good job would mean your engineering life will successfully come to full circle.

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Research programmes leading to Ph. D. Degree were introduced in Faculty of Engineering of Symbiosis International University in 2010.