The 5 Main Steps You Need To Know To Increase Your Website SEO In 2020.

When 2020 begins, you and your business will want to take advantage of all possible web searches linked to your products and services as possible. By optimising your website’s SEO to attract these visitors, your business will stand the best chance to generate sales, bookings, and revenue.

By reading this blog from Big Rock Designs, you and your company will be in the best place to increase traffic to your website. In the coming year, why not look to develop your knowledge of SEO and make 2020 your best year yet online?

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is how you can ensure the content on your website is made visible to search engines online. Each of the major search engines will use a similar approach to find, sift, and list the content of websites when search queries are submitted.

The structure of a website’s layout, including headings, titles, meta description, image labels and text are fundamental to how effectively search engines can log and rank the information for a potential customer. By including relevant, valuable internal and external website links, you can boost the ranking of your business’ website online.

Now that we have defined what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is, and how crucial it is to ensure your company is ranked online, let’s consider how we can nail SEO in 2020.

Step 1: Audit Your Website’s SEO

Analyse how your company’s website is prepared for SEO. You will ultimately want your website’s home and landing page to rank highly for one keyword that isn’t your brand or company name.

Once you can ensure this page ranks well for your main keyword, you can choose to research others and add them to your keyword list. Once this list is included in the text on your webpage, you can start to dominate the listings in your business’ chosen field.

Firstly, consider the keywords you associate with your business and look at your homepage and landing pages. Ask yourself:

Which keywords appear on your site?
How relevant are they to your business?
Are there higher-ranking keywords that you could include to boost SEO?
Once you have looked to where your website’s SEO is in 2019, you can move on to where you would like it to be in 2020.

Step Two: Do Your Research

When considering how to move your business’ Search Engine Optimisation in 2020, it is vital that you do your research. This can start by identifying several keywords that you feel may work in boosting your SEO online.

You can start by using Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to see where the words appear and rank on Google over time. You can also consider looking at competitor’s websites. By looking at the sites of higher-ranking companies, you will be able to see what they are doing right to rank above your business. See what they do and consider those keywords in your gathered list.

When doing your research, consider:

How well do your keywords rank on Google?
Do they appear regularly enough on your website?
Making a list of word or words you use on your site.
Giving it time to rank – Google can take four months fully list your new keywords.
Once you have done your research and decided on your keywords, it’s time to put them in place to boost your SEO next year.

Step Three: Create Excellent Content

The world is filled with websites that create varying quality of content. The best thing you can do is evaluate those companies above yours to ensure your content is as good, if not better than theirs.

The text and content you create needs to stand out, but it also has to include the keywords you have targeted for the year ahead. By adding these keywords in headings, titles, body text, and labels for images, you are doing your utmost to increase SEO.

When coming up with content, you should:

Evaluate how relevant it is to your business and sector;
Consider the value the new content will add to your company;
Always make a plan and plan ahead. This will ensure continuity of content;
Shout about and share the content you create.
By creating the best possible content, you can for your website, you will be able to make sure it is optimised for search queries by your potential customers. With keywords inserted into the content that you create for 2020, you are one closer to making a mark in 2020.

Step Four: Increase Your Internal and External Links

When you create website content, the need to include both internal and external links is vital. By increasing these, you will add to the Search Engine Optimisation of the page and the content on it.

Added internal links can help you in several ways:

Keeping visitors on your website longer;
Linking content to other relevant information or services;
Sharing information with visitors to the site.
Added external links can help SEO in these ways:

Sharing to other content you create, e.g. YouTube and Social Media;
Getting links to other valuable websites with higher Domain Authority and Page Authority.

By linking to sites, your company has completed contracts for, can show examples of your work. This can be effective with internet or online service providers.
Search engines still value both internal and external website links. Increasing the relevant links your site has will help push your business up the search rankings.

Step Five: Analyse, Review and Improve

Search Engine Optimisation never stops. Search engines continually evolve and develop their algorithms to be more sophisticated. With Google continuously making these changes, you need to ensure that you analyse, review, and improve your website’s keywords.

With Google always moving the target, there is no guarantee that your once effective keywords will continue to mean that your website ranks on search engines. The need for a business to review the value of the keywords they include on their site cannot be understated.

When reviewing your keywords used, think about:

How effectively you used the keywords you found?
Are the keywords still relevant to Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends?
Can you find other ways to increase use of keywords? E.g. Writing a blog.
By evaluating the work you have done, you will be able to consider different ways to further improve SEO on your website. With an analytical approach to Search Engine Optimisation, you will be able to keep up with the latest movements in your industry.

In 2019, you may have decided to re-evaluate your digital outlook for 2020. There is no doubt that companies need to be towards the top of the search engine rankings and increasing your business’ SEO will help you move up.

The steps above can help you to plan where your digital presence goes in the year ahead. Search Engine Optimisation is vital to improving traffic to your website. It can also improve sales and profitability by driving potential customers to the right places.

At Big Rock Designs, we can offer an SEO package to meet your business’ needs. We can tailor packages to ensure your company’s website is search engine optimised for next year. Contact our offices to see how Big Rock Designs can help your business grow online in 2020.

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