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As parents, you want the best for your child. Whether it is about the food they eat or the clothes they wear, only the best can reach them. Naturally, you probably already expect a lot from the little one in terms of happiness and prosperity.

Children begin exhibiting signs of success quite early in life. From the choices they make to the things they possess; their progress is evident. Here are 5 things you may find in your toddler’s room and if you do, it hints the making of a successful person.

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1. Books!

There’s no other way to get smart. Every genius who has ever walked on this earth gained their intellect out of books. So if your little one is skimping on the written word, they’re probably not learning all that they should at their age.
By reading books, it doesn’t mean they should start reading Einstein from their fifth birthday. Their books must be age-appropriate and diverse. They should be introduced to both fiction and non-fiction. They need to acclimatize with culture, history, science, technology, puzzles, and everything else you can think of. The bigger their exposure, the better the chances they’ll know what they want to do for the rest of their life right when life begins happening to them.

2. Crafts

Life isn’t just all about books. They need to explore their creative side as well. Crafts here include all forms of art – from music to painting, from DIY items to Meccano©. What they indulge in while not studying decides their personalities away from work. Will they become problem-solvers or just whiners? Get them involved in arts to find out how dedicated they are to their own-created causes.

3. Wall Art

A child’s room isn’t supposed to have plain white walls. Part of it will be covered in pencil scribbles and marks. Some portion will be occupied by celebrity posters (you might want to see who they’re idolizing at their age). There could be paintings and other relics of their arts adorning the rest of the wall.
The key is: if your child’s bedroom walls are woefully blank, you should be worried. A child has to play and learn. If they’re too afraid to make mistakes, they’ll be forever afraid of their life.

4. Laundry Basket

It isn’t quite representative of your little one’s success but if they’re utilizing this item properly inside their room, you won’t have to worry about discipline. They’ll (ideally) never run out of clean clothes to wear. They might even learn organization skills from this simple object – what needs to be refreshed goes into the basket. In the long run, you know you won’t ever have to walk inside their room to see an eyesore of a mess.

5. Toys

For the most part, they have what you got them. And then there’s a collection they purchased of their own free will. Look closely at what your child is frequently interacting with. Try to get them involved with toys that require focus and intelligence. It’s okay to play with mind-numbing loud toys as long as they’re equally excited about puzzles. Although it isn’t all that evident, but the choice of toys goes a long way in building your child’s attitude towards success.

If any of these is missing from your child’s room, you can always put it in there. These little fragile beings, although they have a mind of their own, are actually dependent on you for most. Put them on the path to success right from the beginning.

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