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Are you about to retire and in search of a retirement home or looking for a new home that will suit your elderly parents? Whichever the case, there are some critical factors to consider that a general home buyer doesn't have to care about. Most seniors prefer to live on their own, but in or close to retirement communities, close to their family, and near to health care facilities.

You also need to have some form of entertainment while in your retirement home. When it comes to entertainment, taste and preferences vary from one person to another. Some enjoy watching movies and listening to music, while others enjoy being on social media platforms. That's why Palmcrest Grand Retirement has gone a notch higher and offered free Wi-Fi and personal assistants to help you out. Having said this, let’s take a look at five factors that will help you make an informed decision.

Outside the house

Some elements might seem obvious and hence assumed. Amenities that are currently attractive may become a bother in the future when you or your loved one grow older and become less mobile.

1. The Yard

The fact is that a beautiful yard may seem attractive, but will it be appealing to you in the future? There are various external features to consider such as the ease of the person to navigate all around the premise. Ensure that the yard is flat and not hilly. Make sure that the sidewalks are wide enough with no drop-offs at the point where they meet the yard.

2. Access to the house

Consider the location of the mailbox. Make sure that it’s not for a grade that may be icy and slippery in the winter. The house entry and exit should not have any steps or staircase as the elderly may be at a high risk of tripping or falling. There should be a porch for the elderly to enjoy the outdoors without exposure to the sun.

3. Safety and Security

Safety and security stand to be one of the significant considerations for the elderly. Make sure that the streets and outdoor walkways are well lit. Choose a retirement home that offers gated entryways and security systems to protect residents. Make sure that you are aware of the type of security systems installed in your home.

Inside the house

4. Doors and Hallways

Consider the types of handles on the faucets, doors, and cabinets. Lever handles are far much better and easier to use than the knobs. You should also consider the replacement costs of such hardware and factor it in the cost. Never ignore the width of the doors and hallways. Make sure there is sufficient room to navigate through them quickly. Ensure that the floor has no trip hazards that might turn out to be a problem in the future.

5. The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the major spots in homes where accidents usually occur. Go to a home with a large bathroom with walk-in showers and adequate lighting. If there are no such features, ensure that there is sufficient space to navigate around in the bathroom. The primary objective is the likelihood to add more appliance and credible safety features such as placing grab bars near the toilet as well as the installation of grab bars on the walls and inside the bathroom.

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Searching for a retirement home isn't quite a simple task. Take your time and choose the best according to your budget. Make sure that you get the value for money as you have a wide range to choose from. The above factors will be of great help to you. Enjoy your golden years in a style.

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