Tech is the most popular niche that blogging startups choose nowadays.

What niche will you choose for your new blog? 60% of the times the answer would be “tech”. People who are a little tech savvy, straightaway start a new tech blog. That’s not a daunting task.

Tech is an ever-growing niche, big tech giants uncover new technologies, bloggers and people go bonkers about them. More and more people are in need of new tech tutorials, guides and how to properly implement tech in daily life.

But, wait.

I will tell you certain things you need to consider before starting your general Technology blog

#1. Decide on your niche

When people hear about tech blog, they think just about starting yet another smartphone review site.

You need to think beyong that.

Tech is a very broad niche. Even if you are not just beginning out, I highly suggest you go into a particular niche.

So what is a niche in blogging?

You have many fields in technology. You need to blog in a specific field.

Here are some examples of how narrow you need to go while starting a tech blog.

Tech > Mobile > iOS
Tech > Desktop > Mac
Tech > Photography > Lenses
Tech > Audio > Headphones
Tech > Gadgets > IOT devices
The general tech niche (tier 1) or the tier 2 niches mainly consists of very big blogs like Techcrunch, CNET, and others.

#2. Tech blog may need frequent updation

Depending upon the niche you choose in tech, you may need frequent updation of your blog.

If you cover the latest tech news in all the tech fields, you need to publish 5 – 10 posts a day. You have to be one of the earliest ones to cover the news.

Here’s where passion comes into action. Without being a tech-news hungry man, you can’t sustain your tech blog.

If you are planning to cover the entire tech from programming to Android, you need at least 2-3 posts a day for your tech blog to succeed.

If you cover only niche-related things like Android, iOS and Windows, 2-3 posts a week will be enough.

As the niche goes broader, your blog demands more posting frequency.

#3. Decide on your monetization

You need to decide on the way by which you monetize your tech website.

Are you going to monetize your tech blog with Google AdSense or affiliates? You are the one to decide.

If you are in a high traffic niche, then running ads may be more lucrative for you. If you are interested in reviewing and promoting the products, affiliate marketing may be lucrative for you.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you can easily run both contextual ads and also affiliate content on your blog. This is what I recommend – the hybrid approach.

With this approach, you’ll not be depending upon any single monetization method – Google AdSense or Affiliates.

If you ask me, on BloggingX I mainly do affiliate marketing. Apart from that I also earn a good chunk from sponsored posts and training. In my space, the affiliate product commissions range from 20% to 70%.

If you are doing ads on your site, Google AdSense is the single best ad platform you need to sign up for.

For tech niche depending on the keywords, Adsense offers CPC anywhere around $0.1 to $0.5. The average CTR ranges from 1% to 7% today for tech blogs.

Less Money
However, most of the blogs get around 2%-3% CTR.

The Adsense CPC and CTR for tech blogs have fallen drastically from the last 2 years (may be due to the prevalence of Android apps with Adsense ads).

Although driving some decent traffic to tech blogs is easier, you will not earn decent money if the Adsense CTR and CPC are low.

Assuming that your CPC is $0.15, and CTR is 3%, you can hardly get anywhere around $4 to $4.5 for every 1k visitors which is something very low.

You can clearly see that your revenue depends on the traffic you drive. You need to drive massive traffic to your blog by targeting high-traffic and viral keywords in your tech niche

#4. Keyword research is important

I would suggest you start a tech blog only if you are strong at keyword research, especially long tail one.

Simply writing some blog posts and expecting organic traffic to flow may be a bad idea.

ou need to always try to rank for high-CPC keywords.

High CPC means advertisers are willing to pay more to Google for serving ads on that content, hence your revenue share will also be high.

All the blog posts you write should be about a specific idea. They should have the potential to rank for a specific keyword. Target keywords that have high CPC. It helps you earn some decent Adsense revenue.

#5. Blogging takes time

Tech blog needs TIME to show results. As it is directly dependent on traffic and clicks for revenue, good organic traffic is required.

For this, frequent updating is required.

You should drive good traffic; especially organic. You need to work hard and get authority for your blog.

If you are a hobby or a part-time blogger, I advise you to handle only one tech blog.

You may end up having no time for your other blogs or daily life.

Compared to this, you could get quick results with fewer efforts on niche blogs.

Blogging is not only about churning out posts. The main thing you need to do is promotion and SEO.

You need to be promoting blog posts 80% of the times and only 20% of your time should go for writing the blog posts.

Keep that in mind.

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