The four years in an engineering college can be the best years of your life. During this time, you will learn new theories, perform complex experiments, appear for several examinations, make memories that can last a lifetime and, lastly, build a strong foundation for your career. Studying at one of the top engineering colleges in Pune can be an overwhelming process for many. Some might want to ace every exam while others might just want to enjoy the process.

If you belong in the second category of students, you are likely to lose your focus. This can eventually hamper your performance. To make sure you do not get distracted, there are a few things you should know before studying engineering. Keep reading to find out what those are.

1.There is no such thing as 'stupid question'

At times, you might often get stuck while understanding a certain concept, application or even an experiment. During such times, it is important you clear your doubt that time itself. Before you realise, one doubt can lead to many and you'll be left all confused in the end. No matter how big or small the problem is; you should always try to address it and find a solution.

2.Expanding your network is a must

While studying at an engineering college in Pune or any other city, you will meet new people. This includes fellow batchmates and professors. While studying, you should start socialising too. You never know when a good friend might help you while studying, or a professor can help you understand how to prepare for an interview.

3. Teamwork can go a long way

There is no doubt that engineering is difficult and you need to study regularly to get through it. However, this does not mean you spend all your time studying alone. Remember, by studying and working in a team, you can get a new perspective on the same problem, divide complex tasks, understand concepts clearly and more.

4. Reading should be a part of your routine

Here, reading does not imply reading textbooks. It is vital for you to take a break from the 'engineering zone' and take a look at what is happening in the world outside. To do this, you should consider reading a newspaper or even a novel.

5. Taking notes is always helpful

While attending a lecture or reading a new theory, make quick notes about it. These notes will help you understand what is important and focus only on that. Taking notes will help you stay organised and improve your learning pattern.

These are the top five things you should know before joining one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra. By keeping the things mentioned above in your mind, you can improve your college experience and get closer to a successful career.

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Research programmes leading to Ph. D. Degree were introduced in Faculty of Engineering of Symbiosis International University in 2010.